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Dominique is a twenty-something amateur fashion historian and philosopher. Starting her academic career at primary school with an essay called Passion for Fashion, discussing the development of fashion and body image from approximately 3300 BC up to the 21st century; for which she got an A+. That same year she got a sticker of a dog on her school report for her, according to the teacher, "passionate and enthusiastic" talk about the personal life of Coco Chanel.

Since then Dominique obtained a degree in Cultural Heritage, specialising in narrative space and fashion museology. In 2016 she received an honours degree in Fashion Theories from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. After her internship at Modemuze Dominique joined the editorial team in July 2017. She's currently following a (pre)master course in Gender Studies at Utrecht University.

Dominique is dedicated to broaden her knowledge on social constructions within society and wants to 'be (part of) the change'. She's also a dog lover, drinks (or rather: spills) tea all the time and wishes that one day she'll be as cool as her mum and grandma.

About Pluche

Fashioned by Pluche is an online space dedicated to inform you on fashion (sort of), culture (sometimes) and general ramblings (lots and lots). With topics varying from frivolous personal anecdotes to hardcore philosopy, combined with some wit and quotes, a one-of-a-kind world is fashioned.

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