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5 Songs To Get You Through Valentine's Day When You're All By Yourself

Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, darling you give love a bad name!

From Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name to Destiny's Child's Survivor, who cares about sappy love songs any more? The bleakness of breaking up or the realisation that you'll be #foreveralone is where it's at! Especially Valentine's Day, when everyone is strumming their guitars and humming 'dream a little dream of me', is the perfect day to counteract and celebrate your loneliness. Because although it's against popular believe, being alone isn't as bad as it sounds (Paradise By The Dashboard Light, anyone?).

Who wants a guy, girl or non-binary pal who obligatory takes you out for a 'romantic' dinner while you just as easily could stay home, anxiously cuddle your pup and sway to Paloma Faith's Smoke And Mirrors. Now all shout on top of your lungs: don't look back 'cause you've just lost your lover!

So say bye bye to love, bye bye to happines…

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