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You Better Think Millennial Pink

Pink is often associated with childishness. The pink bedroom walls of young girls, like the teddy sleeping next to them, are a token of girly-girl innocence constructed by parents based on societies wishes. That's why, when a girl is coming of age, teddy is beheaded and those pink walls are covered with famous faces. Famous faces who from now on will act as a guidance in taste and behaviour. It's a new age where the bubble of childhood must burst so a sense of independance and personal growth can kick in.

"Pink becomes a stupid colour for childish girls clinging to their beheaded teddies."
Pink therefore becomes a stupid colour for childish girls desperately clinging to their beheaded teddies. "Grow up! Pink is stupid! And so is your teddy!", the others yell dragging their headless teddies through the mud and stacking their lifeless bodies onto a campfire. They stay and watch them burn, possesively chanting kumbaya, with the face of their first celebrity c…

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