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The Drugs Don't Work: A Dissection of the 90s Heroin Chic Look

Some people call me a junker Say I'm loaded out of my mind But I just feel happy I feel good all the time Hugh Laurie - Junkers Blues

Somebody mixed my medicine...
"Heroin Chic: Can A Nonaddict Pull Off The Look?", is the title of a blogpost where you get a how to-guide to achieve the "edgiest of edgy" look of a drug (ab)user, without actually sniffing a line yourself.[1] Yes, YOU can be heroin chic too!

Quite confusing right? In our upbringing we learn that drugs are bad (a 'war on drugs' and the 'abuse of drugs' are both connotations that have a negative sound to them). However the idolisation of drugs and drugs users is still very alive in today's society. And therewith also the connotations of drugs being something cool (or maybe even you're cool because you use drugs). This image of being 'cool', 'rebellious' and kicking against the shins of conservatives is not something new. It's even funny to think that the use of …

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