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A Bunch of Flowers: The Story of Floral Print

Some things are self-explanatory. If you're cold you put on a jumper. If you're hungry you eat something. If your fundamental rights are violated you protest. Some things come so natural to us that questions like 'why flowers?' when looking at a summer dress is often met with 'why not?'. Flowers, in this sense, is wearing a jumper your grandma knitted, eating a gluten free bagel and shouting 'Hey man, that's not OK!'.

"But why flowers? Why not cars or gluten free bagels?"
But why flowers? Why not cars or gluten free bagels? For one, perhaps, because floral prints are throughout the centuries and throughout practically every culture the most used pattern.[1] And for two, perhaps, because flowers can get a message across. According to Clive Edwards (Professor of Design History at Loughborough University) every flower has its own symbolic meaning. Generally flowers represent calmness, harmony and innocence. However within textile designs flo…

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