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A Musical Trip Down Memory Lane #2

Music shapes the way you experience the world. Sitting in a car looking out of the window listening to Lola by The Kinks or Careless love by Hugh Laurie is a completely different experience, amiright? The same goes for the music we grow up with. We not only choose our own music when we're but wee little ones, but we are -sometimes forced- to listen to the music played by our parents. This not only makes us pick certain songs when sitting in a car, but it also creates a particular soundtrack for our (younger) years on this earth.

"But don't be fooled by her sweetness, she still has a sour taste on the edges."
This idea spurred out of me during a random supper, which ended in an interrogation. A friendly, passionate interrogation. As you could read in part 1, my father is quite the rock ballad fanatic and has some sharp edges in regards of nowadays beats. My mother SPOILER ALERT is a bit milder at heart. But don't be fooled by her sweetness, she still has a sour t…

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