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Ich Hab Dich Lieb: Liebster Award 2017

Sometimes obvious things need to be pointed out before the so to speak ball starts rolling of a hill made out of 'duh's' and 'ah's'. Because duh Liebster is German for sweetest/dearest and ah I've been nominated for one by the wonderful Hannah Gladwin!

Hannah and I only recently 'met' through a Twitter bloggers chat. I'm the absolute worse when it comes to those kind of things as I always feel an unexplainable social pressure, instensified by unknown names fast pacing past my screen and giving me an inside into their gobsmacking worlds. While I just sit there, most probably in my pjs and with greasy hair, staring at that same tiny screen trying just a tad bit too hard to come up with witty/interesting/soul searching answers.

"Luckily there are others who aren't as self absorbed as me."
Luckily there are others who aren't as self absorbed as me and actually take the opportunity for what it's meant to be: a bloggers chat. In…

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