by - April 01, 2018

Just to let you know...

All content, photos, opinions, existential dread and bad jokes are mine unless stated otherwise. Blogposts that are sponsored or features a product that was send to me by some very lovely people will be disclosed as such within the blogpost. All pictures that aren't made by me (or my mum) will be credited as such. Do you see a picture that's yours and (not correctly) credited? Please get in touch and I'll have a stern word with me (and naturally change it according to your wishes).

This blog may contain affiliated links which, if you click on them or purchase something via the link, give me moneyzzz (with no extra costs on you). So I can finally realise my dream of being a rich person. Every penny counts! All affiliated links will be disclosed as such at the bottom of a blogpost.

Fashioned by Pluche has been cruelty free since 2016 and cares about animal and human rights, the environment and continuously improving this rotating ball we call earth. #yolo

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