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5 Things I'm Thinking

"Isn't this just '5 Things I'm Loving' but then instead of loving you've used the word thinking because you want to seem intellectual while, if you were truly intellectual, you'd be writing your paper -which is due next week- instead of a silly blogpost on things you're loving. Oh sorry, my bad, thinking." Sssshh, subconscious mind, don't spoil it now! I've said I'll post at least one blogpost every week and I can't let the people (me) down!

A blogpost a week... *deep sigh* At the beginning of the year, when writing all the potential ideas I coould work out, it seemed like an easy-peasy job. "Why limit yourself to one?", I thought to myself overconfidently. "I've got hundreds of ideas brewing in my brains! I can easily write two if not three blogposts a week! I'll be a superstar and everyone will love me!". Yeah. No. I actually do have another blogpost written, a review on a James Dean biography, but I t…

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