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What's Your Super Power? Intersectionality & Politics of Location

Adding an adjective to your feminism is like putting super in front of your name, it shows you're not just 'ordinary' or mainstream. However the big difference being that super doesn't necessarily give you super powers, while adding an adjective can be a total game-changer. A popular and much used adjective for feminism is 'intersectionality'. But what does it actually mean when I write in my Insta bio that I'm an intersectional feminist?

The term intersectionality was first coined by KimberlĂ© Crenshaw in 1989. As a legal scholar she pointed out the unrecognised intersection and therewith oppression black women experienced in regards to racism (seen as oppressing black men) and sexism (seen as oppressing white women) within law. As their position was measured through these inequalities their specific location -and thus specific oppression- was ignored as it didn't took into account how these inequalities intersect and interrelate. So looking seperately…

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