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Mixed Emotions Club: How Grief and Happiness Can Live Side-by-side

WARNING: Mostly sad with happiness sipping through half way.  But still sad. And happy. Have you read the title?

With uncontrollable streams of tears covering our faces for the past month or so, and with a strong unwillingness to accept the situation as it has turned out to be, I'm very much struggling to say 'rest in peace'.

Although Jack wasn't quite himself this summer his symptoms -not eating properly and being sick- took a turn for the worse when autumn knocked on the door. Although he's always been a fussy eater you just know something's wrong when he consciously chooses to ignore the sound of fruit being peeled or the rattling sound of picking up the cheese slicer from the cutlery drawer. However what's one supposed to think? As said, Jack has always been a fussy eater and therefore some of the symptoms weren't entirely out of place. Especially when the vet reassured us that it's 'nothing to worry about' and 'probably just some irr…

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