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Don't be afraid to say hello from the other side!

Fashioned by Pluche is a PR friendly place and open for collaborations, reviews or deep conversations about life. If you want to contact me for questions or business enquiries, you can email me at:

After my initial nerves have faded away when hearing 'you've got mail', I'll try to provide you with an answer within 24-48 hours. You can also contact me on Twitter or Instagram!


Are you a fellow-blogger looking for some love? I'm always happy to virtually hug, exchange thought bubbles or moan about the weather ("isn't it awful" *rolls eyes*). So if you have any ideas for guest posts or fun collaborations, hit me up!

Hire me!

Besides this lil' blogging career I'm also *ahum* trying to *ahum* pave the way as an all-round writer. As it goes, I started from a young age writing -what the kids nowadays call- fanfiction and slowly worked my way up to the school newspaper (don't you worry, all fanfiction was savely locked away by then). Currently I'm co-editor and blogger at Modemuze. Modemuze is the online platform for fashion and costume heritage in the Netherlands, collaborating with fourteen museums as a source for all fashion lovers, professionals and fashionistas. Click here to read my blogposts.

So do you want me to write a blogpost, article or diary entry? No problemo! You can send an email or message me on Twitter or Instagram. Or shout really loudly. Though the success rate of the latter is dependend on the distance between you, the shouter, and me, the receiver of the shouts.

Where to find me

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