What Would Jessica Do?

by - May 21, 2013

“This is Mrs. Fletcher from the state of Main. She writes books about dead people”.
Murder, She Wrote S06E08 When The Fat Lady Sings

I just love tv-detectives. One of my favourite is the classic Murder, She Wrote with Angela Lansbury as Jessica B. Fletcher. Jessica is a former English teacher who writes detectivenovels. Not only does she writes about it, it does not matter where she goes, there will be a dead person somewhere along the way (a bit suspicious I must say). She of course cleverly solves the case and goes off into the sunset, waiting for another one to bite the dust.

Fun fact:
Cabot Cove, the fictional hometown of Jessica, had a population of 3500. Jessica was solving five cases a year in Cabot Cove. That equals a death rate of 1490 per million, which makes Cabot Cove the most murderous place in television crime drama.

Angela Lansbury portrayed Jessica as innocent, clever and sometimes even pedantic without making her aloof or boring. Her acting is very mimical, with big eyes and pouty mouth. But the most striking thing for me is her dress sense. Jessica wears very slick clothes with the allure of spare-time Hollywood having an 80's affair.”Timeless elegance with a touch of the frivolous”, one can say.

So, how to be JB Fletcher chic? A standard look is a combination of a white/cobalt blue cable jumper, black/grey/khaki trousers, flat shoes and a silk scarf.

For a more sophisticated look you could go for a bow-front blouse (worn by Jessica in different shades and patterns), a pencil skirt (also often worn in different shades and patterns), a jacket (you know the drill), high heels and to finish the look: a brooch.

Jessica also wears some fantastic one-off dresses, mostly combined with some fine pearl necklaces.


So everytime you don't know what to wear or you've been called to solve a murder-mystery, just think “What would Jessica do?” and success is guaranteed!


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