by - December 15, 2013

It's the last month of the year, so you know what that means... you don't? Well, under what rock have you been living the past centuries?!?

Winter is coming... so time to snuggle up with whatever makes you warm. I personally prefer to snuggle with Jack. He's like a heating source on four paws. The ultimate warm keeper! But if disaster has struck and there's no Jack nearby, you could always try my second favourite warmkeeping method: crocheted blankets.

I've got a sort of crocheted blanket fetish. For me there's almost nothing as sexy as a heap of wool. Especially when they are hand made. Buying crocheted blankets is a no-go for me. Fabricated pieces often lack soul and have a price tag of a "I'm sorry, h-h-how much?!?" category.

My grandma is responsible for my best pieces. She was the ultimate crocheter and loved it when I gave her an assignment. I'm somewhat the personifacation of sentiment and try to relive the life of my mum/grandma. Oh, even hearing the stories of what they wore makes me want to travel back in time! So, making a point, I always asked for a replica of something she had when she was younger (hereby trying to avoid the word "retro").  

My mum is also an amazing crocheter and guideline concerning trying out different patterns. The thing with my mum is that you can devide her work into phases. For example the "knitting scarves"-phase, the "crochetting blankets"-phase and lately she's in the "crochetting stoles"-phase. This means that within a certain period of time there will be a lot, like a lot a lot, of the same sort of things coming from her hands. "The same" being the wrong kind of word, because the same it ain't!

Me myself am not that adventurous regarding my crochetting habit. Mainly I guess because the day isn't long enough. I'm quite busy at the moment and want to do everything in little time... a problem, I heard, that's very relatable. Yay.

At the moment it's very "hip" to own/make/cherish old school looking blankets. And since the economy is still looking quite leap, I've got the ultimate combination! This is a thing I've picked up from my grandma and is in someway a very obvious thing to do. I think a lot of people are already doing it, but for some this might be an Eureka! moment. 

Worst case scenario: You could always just put the heating on.


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