by - May 25, 2014

Today didn't started off that good. Namely, I'd put on a lipstick I hadn't worn for about a year and suddenly had an allergic reaction to it. This happens more often than you think, but throwing away lipstick just isn't in my nature. However, my mom forced me to (also it didn't help that my lips were swollen and really irritated and weird looking and really sort of pumped up and they felt like they we're gonna explode and tingling and thrusting and yeah... not pleasant may be a good description). Luckily I could swipe it off easily and managed throughout the day when the feeling numbed down slowly. This all came a bit inconvenient because I was about to leave for some outdoors fun. But I also managed that and had a lovely day at Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn. Which is basically a palace turned into a museum of some sorts. Which isn't technically outside, but they've got a garden so we're good...

Paleis Het Loo used to be a royal palace but has been open for the public eye since 1984. Het Loo contains everything you'd expect from a former royal palace: old stuff from royals. However, they've also got temporary exhibitions and I'm very excited for their newest edition "Grace Kelly: Princess & Style Icon". So my mom and I (and my dad and Jack were there too, only dogs aren't aloud so they went for a walk) stood full anticipation infront of the cassiere asking for tickets for the exhibition. She looked at us confused and said that the exhibition about Grace Kelly would be available in a week or two... I was so busy that I've disregarded the date of the opening (which, I must confess, isn't the first time that happened to me *oops*). So ya'll can probably expect a blogpost about that between the 5th of June and the 26th of October, when the exhibition is actually there. However, why waste a car journey when you can just go to other exhibitions within Het Loo, ay?! (plus, unimportantly, I needed it for an assignment for school).

This hasn't been the first time I've been to Het Loo. However, me and my mom were kind of lost when searching for the entrance. Which may sound crazy when you think of it (and look at it, frankly). But at the front there were also arrows pointing to the sides of the building, which led to a mysterious door (which we didn't trusted). So we just went for the obvious, the big door upfront. There you can at the sides enter the palace, which simultaneously made notion of the hazards an old palace withholds (so no grand entrance there...).When finally inside the building, our memory didn't let us down and we even recognized a thing or two!

The exhibition that's now on show is called "Royal Show Pieces: A Royal encounter with Dutch Design" (still there until the 29th of June). Which, as my mum recollected, also had clothes in it. Yay for clothes! However, *surprise surprise* we couldn't find the exhibition space. We did saw in the entrance hall a nice looking room with clothes spinning around and just looking awesome, but we didn't understand how to get there. Thus we just went a random way in the hope it'd turn out OK.

So we were just walking and talking and wondering where the exhibition could be and being annoyed by this big group of posh French people who stood in our way. How many times I've had to save me and my mom with the words "excusez moi" are almost unbearable. And everytime they overtook us with their unwanted company and we were again surrounded by just French people. French people everywhere! And we don't speak French and we couldn't see anything anymore and it isn't just because they're French that they're annoying, but they're annoying because they kept circling around us which made us a bit anxious. But everything turned out fine. We just took a sprint, left some rooms unseen, and came far ahead of them (until we went to the museum shop, where they all were gathered. The horror!!).

Now we were about midway through (baring in mind that we've skipped like 75% of the rooms), we were still wondering where the f that exhibition could be. My mom thus took it upon her to ask it to one of the security guards. Well, ladies and gentlemen, what had appeared to be in our eyes just a re-do of some rooms, happened to be part of the exhibition. They've sort of woven this temporary exhibition between the permanent exhibition. Which is 1) quite clever and 2) unnoticeable. Yes, you think that thing looks quite modern compared to that other thing, but it isn't immediately like "wow omg that's so modern" (except than in the room where we were, where dresses of Jan Taminiau are displayed, which made my mum ask about where the hell the exhibition now was and such. On a side note: nice dresses. Well done Jan). Apparently we, at that point, already had crossed three rooms which contained stuff from the exhibition. So there's some food for thought. Also, the security guard pointed out to us, that you can distinct those rooms from the others because of the carpets. The carpets, namely, are an exact replica of the ceiling painting in that room (which I find quite wondrous). And on top of that, the special rooms shall we call it also had an according smell spread around (which was really only noticable in the "flower room" which really reeked of flowers). And and and each special room had appropiate music playing in the background. After realizing all that, a lot made more sense, as you might can imagine. Not long after our breakthrough we arrived at the room we thought was the beginning of the exhibition but was actually the end and we felt a mixture of fun and relieve. It wasn't what we'd expected it to be (which can be a good thing too sometimes). To rest our little heads, we went to the garden for some outdoors fun (as said in the opening of this post. See! Outdoors fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!). Now look at some pictures of my face (awful, innit).

Then it was time to reunite with my dad and Jack and we all drove off into the sunset. Not really though, it was only afternoon. So instead we went for a drink before we headed home. Quite the adventure indeed. I hope your weekend was as good as mine! (despite that being the only fun thing I've done this weekend because all I've been doing is schoolwork).


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