What I Got For My Birthday & Other Sentences (I Never Thought I'd Write)

by - October 13, 2016

Another year's over
And we're still together
It's not always easy
But I'm here forever*
The Heart Never Lies - McFly

People give me gifts because they like me... (right?)

Not to brag but las Tuesday was my birthday. And people got me stuff (again, not to brag). And I thought maybe I could share them with you (yes you), to fill up an otherwise empty space... (and because I really like my gifts and stuff and I don't need an excuse because it's my blog, dammit, I can post, share and brag whenever and whatever I want).

Lush: From me, to me. Because I'm worth it
Animal friendly, Vegan and sustainable.

I probably have some of the most boring stuff from Lush. I mean, basically anything that isn't a bathbomb can be described as boring. However I for one don't have a bath and for two am pretty much allergic for all the bathbombs. Putting me in a bath with a Lush bathbomb would make for quite an explosion. Ha. Ha. Ha. *silence* So instead I present you the more 'boring' Lush products. Or maybe even: the more less-ingredient based Lush products. As it happens, I'm quite allergic to quite a lot of stuff. That's why I adore Lush: they list all the ingredients nice and neatly so I can happily not buy them (and die). I've noticed, however, that the products that have a green light always happen to be the products with very, very few ingredients. I think 'the lesser of all' is the Ultrabalm with only three ingredients. I mean, that makes you think about life... Only three ingredients? Why not start scavenging in the forest and give up on modern life?

The second thing I got from Lush is the Celestial facial moisturiser. For my face. To moisturise. It's for sensitive skin and -I'd like to argue- sensitive minds. I needed a moisturiser for quite a while now but didn't get one because... I lead a busy life. I'm busy, I got so much to do. Anyway. This is the first time I've tried this moisturiser and, for now [9 October 2016, 23:53], I'm very happy with it. My skin is quite awful at the moment, dry, itchy, grossness etc. and this stuff has really helped to get the dryness down, the itchiness gone and the grossness, well, less gross. That's all I'm asking for...

Now I can see clearly: A lipstick in Perspective. Giving you perspective. On the world, your life, decisions and past memories that suddenly pops up in your mind... This is my second lipstick from Lush and I really like them. They are easy to apply and last for quite a long time. Although it must be said that the other one that I've got, in Strong, is somewhat tricky because of its brightness and my fairness (and love for tea and food). You can actually also use them as blusher (which I do) (which is great) (ab fab) (seriously).

I was actually looking for a dupe for the Rouge Allure Velvet La Raffinée (#34), as it is my favourite lipstick but not animal friendly (damn you, Karl). So when I saw perspective in pixels on my computer screen I was like 'that looks pretty close' and bought it. Was I right? Well, the colours do come close but Perspective is a bit more brown-ish and has a shimmery metallic finish (while the Chanel one is more pink and matte). So no photo finish result, but still a beautiful colour I think I'll be wearing much. (or not, I don't know, I just got it).

This is the second time I've ordered something from Lush, after two tries of getting into a Lush store and aborting mission mid-way because I was feeling like I was being crushed. Alive. While being anesthetised with strong fumes in preperation for an alien abduction. Because, man, those shop assistents are chatty and, well, pushy. And, man, those stores (in Amsterdam) are small and, well, crowded. I can't handle that. Luckily the internet provides me with all the space I need (and doubts). I love that it automatically comes with one-day delivery (at least here in the Netherlands. Don't know how the traffic is where you're living, sorry). And I just love all the boring products I got. There. I've said it. Boring is best.

Vivienne Westwood: Did you smell that?
Animal friendly, morals and icons.

As a combined Christmas gift I got from my aunt the Boudoir perfume by Martin Gras for Vivienne Westwood.** I didn't sniff it (as I couldn't find it anyware in 'real life') and had to base my nose-senses before buying it on the power of the internet. Tricky. But as the smell of the Lush products (it can be a hit or a miss) I took the risk. And I'm so glad I did! It smells absolutely lovely. The 'main' smell is viburnum, which is musky but also sweet. It's a very autumnal smell. As I said literally about two hours or so ago to my mum, who was watching the Dutch version of The Great British Bake Off and very much appreciated me interrupting her programme: it's just so useless to describe a smell if you can't smell it. Especially when you go 'it's a very autumnal smell'. What does that mean? What does autumn smell like? Does autumn smell the same in your head as it smells in my head? Warm, sweet but definitely not sickly sweet, not too male not too female but not unisex (to reinforce the trusty ol' gender binary system)? Anyway. It smells nice. I like it. Also: the smell lingers on for a very long time. After spraying it I could still smell a faint smell of it three days later (and yes, that's to say that I hadn't changed my clothes or washed myself in those three days. What's to say? I don't go out much... and I also didn't smell badly as I was still smelling of Boudoir sweetness/muskness/smells, so... I did brush my teeth. I always brush my teeth. I get nightmares about my teeth. It's 0:35 [10 October] and, after writing this, I will brush my teeth. It's hygenic. It's the right thing to do. People who don't smell their teeth are gross (opposed to people who don't shower for three days and wear the same stuff they slept in). I'm scared of the dentist).

I started this year with a Westwood book and it seems most likely that I'll be finishing with one. I love Viv. She's cool, isn't she? Cool AND smart. So when I saw she had a new book coming out, Get A Life, I was hooked. Already. Haven't read a word yet. (because my copy hasn't arrived yet) (sad face). But it demonstrates the power of a name. The power of a book (?). [Edit: Guess what the mailman just delivered? My oh my, it's a beautiful BIG book. I'm in heaven.]

On another thought bubble: I also got silver earings with 'pearls'. What's to say. They are silver earings with 'pearls'. They pretty. They mine. And socks. I also got some fluffy socks. I had these Hello Kitty fluffy socks which were on my foot for about five years (not, like, for five years straight on my foot, but, like, I 'owned' them for five years long and wore them, occasionally). But they all had holes in them and the fluffiness level was dangerously low (also the 'keeping my feet warm' level was deadly low (because holes)). So, very attentively, I got given a lot of new grey/pink/bordeaux animal printed socks. Without holes. Fluffiness level high. What more do you need in life?

And that's it! I hope you've liked this post (but not as much as I liked my presents). And yeah, would you like to see similar posts in the future? Or not? Or what else? Or wish me a happy -belated- birthday? Or go outside, walk your dog, interact with other human beings (your mum) and say you love them? Or not? (awkward) (sorry) (sorry not sorry) (no, I'm really sorry) (sorry) (it's exactly 1:00 now) (goodmorning to you, goodnight to me) (I need to do serious work tomorrow) (I'm, like, really bad when going to bed late) (and this is almost record late for me) (oh no) (ok) (night night) (have sweet dreams) (or when reading this while it's daytime: have sweet daydreams) (so creative) (ok. byeeee).***


* BUT MCFLY'S HERE FOREVER! I Always, for some weird reason, get teary when they sing that live. I'm not even a 'hardcore' fan. I just like to listen to their music, occasionally. Although I do admit that I've got the McFly book which I read in one day and follow Tom on youtube and, I think, I follow them all on Insta... Not a fan, not a fan... ;) I LOVE MCFLY!!
**As you can read in the description, they don't ship this perfume to outside the UK. For my fellow Dutchies who are craving for this perfume after my very very good description of it, you can also buy a bottle on bol.com [here]. And you can actually get the 50ml one for the same amount you would've paid for the 30ml bottle on the website of Vivienne. Which saves you 29 euros (and the imaginary shipping costs). Bargain!
*** Right. So I just looked at the 'views' I got today. 1. Literally 1. I'm proud. I'm sad. I find it funny. Just thought it worth to capture and share this moment. That's to say: that 1 person was me. I'm my biggest fan. (I am). (except for my mum. She cares, man, she cares). Anyway, not to brag, just a little something to remember when I break record after record when I finally hit fame. Ha. Ha. Ha. Jokes. Bad jokes. (sorry). I will probably delete this. Or I won't. As a joke on me. Ha. That will teach me! Anyway, when they say that views don't count, do they mean that literally? (please don't hate me).

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  1. Happy belated birthday! It's my birthday next month and this post has given me a few ideas, I love the look of the ultrabalm! :) x


    1. Happy yet-to-come birthday! I must say that I've totally fallen in love with the Ultrabalm. It's multifunctional but I mainly use it for my lips and on my scars (as they tend to 'itch' when the weather changes). It really has helped making them soft again (and 'un-itchy'). I'd recommend Ultrabalm to anyone who wants something easy, natural and actually soothing. Also, bonus: with a little bit you can go a long way!


  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day <3
    Looks like you got an awesome haul - the Lush skincare is so amazing! I've never used ultrabalm (you've definitely pushed me to give it a go, sounds awesome), but I use ultrabland cleanser from the same line of products and it is a dream cleanser for sensitive skin!


    1. Thank you! *eagerly writes down 'ultrabland' with an exclamation mark* xxx

      (p.s. I, like, absolutely love your blog and your style and you're, like, very cool and stuff. Just... just needed to say that. Alright. Hope you have a nice day...).

  3. I really need to branch out and try more Lush products like this. I've always stuck to their shower and bath stuff but these look amazing. I absolutely love Vivienne Westwood too - I haven't seen this one before but the bottle is stunning. Awesome post hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thank youuuu! I'm a Lush newby so I'm still finding new things to try out (and love). They just got so many different things! Dizzying! I think we all can agree that Viv's the best... ;)


      (P.s. You're great! Love your blog! I know I've said this in the comment above, but you're really cool and stuff (please believe me) (I'm not just typing this because I can!)).