Topics I Want To Write About (Or: 365 Blogpost Ideas)

by - December 31, 2016

Yet another picture from Alexa Chung's Insta... I can't remember a life before or after...

One for every day!

While the countdown for a New Year has begun, here are some blogpost ideas for the new year...

  1.  A blog manifesto
  2. Let the inspiration inside you guide you
  3. The Incomplete History of Fashion
  4. Fashion and museums (or: Why museums can('t) do fashion right)
  5. The 'art' of fashion 
  6. The 'art' of knitting 
  7. The 'art' of us
  8. (strong) OPINIONS (being 'called out' for having strong opinions. Whatever that means)
  9. Vintage. Just vintage. Anything vintage. Or old. Old is fine too.
  10. Vintage Mondays
  11. Vintage shopping in Amsterdam (or, like, any other city) (or, like, not vintage but, like, your groceries or something. I don't know)
  12. Vive le vintage!
  13. Something cultural, old school, personal: how art (in whatever way) can make you '(re)discover' yourself (but not as cliché as that sounds) 
  14. Vinyl
  15. The benefits of unity
  16. Mental Health (not sure about this one, find it important that it's being talked about but I find the whole subject scary to directly, consciously, discuss)
  17. A victim of the brain
  18. 'I'm not lost, just undiscovered'
  19. Sustainability in fashion. In life.
  20. Being 90% vegan (or: how it is ok to not be perfect, to make mistakes, because you try your best and the best is all you can give)
  21. Declaring my love to Vivienne Westwood
  22. Declaring my love to my mum (or someone else 'special' to me, you, whatever)
  23. Winning is for losers
  24. Wish you were here (not)
  25. I'm tired of castles in the air (or: 'don't just dream in your sleep it's just lazy')
  26. Le Voyage Dans La Lune (how flying to the moon can fix all your problems)
  27. Rainy day outfits
  28. 'I'd read your future but it's written in the past'
  29. The meaning of colours (or: colours talking)
  30. One month, one colour, EVERYTHING (or: one blogpost, one colour, EVERYTHING) 
  31. Think pink. Think yellow. Think blue. Think green.
  32. Summer of colour/black and white of winter
  33. 'I keep wishing tomorrow was yesterday' 
  34. Everyone is everyone else
  35. In the world of rock and roll a bad hair day is a good hair day (or: look out you rock 'n' rollers)
  36. Grey days (or: the colour of truth is grey)
  37. The truth of it
  38. You don't know what you're thinking
  39. I really don't know clouds at all
  40. Lost thoughts
  41. You're boring now (but boring is best) 
  42. 'You've got the wrong lipstick on, mister'
  43. From outer space, to you
  44. Zine. I want to make a zine that's pretty and clever.
  45. Book. I want to write a book that's pretty and clever.
  46. A shortstory about a painting (or a monster)
  47.  These are a few of my favourite things
  48. A journey of understanding
  49. Comfort is key
  50. "(...) stability is always a product of decay: the present has no fixed existence." (from: Museums as spaces of the present, p. 352)
  51. A documentary approach to the present (see above)
  52. Landscape of the present
  53. The world became a stage; "As contemporary society has become more theatricalized, so have its presentations." (Greer Crawley in Museum Making, p. 13)
  54. Trying to understand yourself through things
  55. Take your guess
  56. Telling stories is telling lies
  57. An aesthetic experience
  58. The imagined world of the exhibition
  59. A kiss to build a dream on (or: alone for the lonely)
  60. Dreams are for fools
  61. Are you a good kid?
  62. Sketchbooks (because they're cool)
  63. Create a comic (because they're cool)
  64. Murder through words
  65. A story in space
  66. Floating through the air, the weight of a feather crushing on my existence
  67. A post in the style of the My 1980s essay by Wayne Koestenbaum (although a bit more boring)
  68. What if I'm scared for what's coming next?
  69. What do I want?
  70. Catch the day
  71. In the middle of my mind
  72. Feeling a weird attachment to stuff you own but are sort of worthless (although what's worth anyway)
  73.  The benefits of knitting
  74. DIY Drama (or: D-I-whY?)
  75. All hail the power of fabric!
  76. Wool is cool
  77. Only for the lonely
  78. A creepy tale
  79. Every Day Feels Like a Monday
  80. Girls with short hair/boys with long hair/hair
  81. Tell me your name and I pretend that I don't know you
  82. Someday you'll be sorry
  83. Love is enough
  84. I read books in nightclubs
  85. 'We can't be lovers and we can't be friends'
  86. FBI's most unwanted
  87. Mug shots
  88. A good example of a bad idea
  89. Reflecting reflections
  90. 'A coat borrowed from James Dean'
  91. Mais pourquoi? (or: a story on confidence)
  92. Maybe I've got no idea what I'm doing
  93. In search of meaning
  94. Bad thoughts: the making of
  95. Dress-up doll
  96. Appetite for solitude/value of solitude
  97. Feminism
  98. Victorian dolls and their owners (or: the literal embodiment of femininity and gender roles)
  99. The tea party
  100. Par-TEA time 
  101. A wild tea party (or: The tiger who came to tea and other silly stories)
  102. A little twist of the knife
  103. 'Well I must be crazy if I follow every word you say'
  104. Buttons
  105. A little stitching
  106. 'We are stars fashioned in flesh and bones'
  107. You're the bee's knees
  108. Neck ties
  109. Sunglasses
  110. Don't wait
  111. The way we are
  112. Sometimes it's good to take some risks (or: Approach with caution)
  113. Still standing
  114. Remember when
  115. Vive le comfort
  116. I'll send you love notes
  117. Green with envy
  118. A winner at auction
  119. Darkness on the edge of town (or: how bad thoughts can ruin your day)
  120. I remember yesterday
  121. As ugly as I seem
  122. I am idling, I have idled, I will idle
  123. Feels like home
  124. Space to think
  125. 'Great' outdoors
  126. Best bite (or: put your teeth in it)
  127. Hidden treasure, guilty pleasure
  128. I have no reason to run
  129. A list of things that inspire me
  130. What if that what you're wearing -at this very moment- is a work of art. What if your daily wardrobe is part of an art performance. 'I' am a performer and my clothes, the way I combine and wear them, are an expression of this. 'I' am what I wear and 'I' am an artist.
  131. Stuffed up
  132. Friendsick
  133. Sometimes my brain does this funny thing, "thinking" I believe it's called, and it makes me "think" about stuff. Normal stuff. Weird stuff. Stuff stuff. It just takes a spark within that tiny box one may call a head, and this -with some casual research I must confess- will be the outcome...
  134. The fabric of moonbeams 
  135. Pushing my luck
  136. 'Honey, we can't afford looking this cheap' (or: working with a budget)
  137. Last kind words
  138. Five Friday Faves
  139. Three Tuesday Tunes
  140. Cultural appropiation
  141. Who made these rules?
  142. If I could, then I would
  143. If you smell smoke, you're already on fire
  144. For the love of stuff
  145. Wear one piece of clothing five different ways for a Monday-Friday post 
  146. Imaginary clothes I wish I owned (badly drawn by me)
  147. 'Nothing sacred, but it's a living'
  148. A bunch of lies
  149. 'I'm conteemplating thinking about thinking'
  150. Loved drowned eyes
  151. 'You'll have to find someone else to be in your company'
  152. Kill your darlings
  153. Let them knit
  154. Babes in wool
  155. Knitting into the history
  156. Kn-IT-ting
  157. Sweater curse
  158. Passion for fashion
  159. Brainwashed.
  160. Bright old things
  161. I think I've figured you out
  162. A tad more mod
  163. Picture perfect
  164. Poor me
  165. Tell me your dreams and I'll tell you what they mean
  166. A visual love letter
  167. Dear: No One, This Is Not A Love Letter
  168. Platonic love
  169. Glamboy
  170. Cultural complex
  171. Non-verbal communication
  172. In memory of my feelings 
  173. What's in your imaginary bag? Mine is filled with regret and nerves, but deep down, at the bottom of the bag, there are lost thoughts and happy memories.
  174. Escaping from myself (identity)
  175. Books & Berets
  176. You hadn't me at hello
  177. Little big mistakes
  178. An illustrated wishlist
  179. Things to do when you're bored (or: 10 random things)
  180. Reasons to be happy: you can always make, write or do something new
  181. He's my kind of girl
  182. She's my kind of boy
  183. What makes you feel good?
  184. How easy it is to be egoistic 
  185. "You buy history for what it represents" said by Charles Hanson (on Bargain Hunt)
  186. Between memory and history (or: Lieux de mémoire, "We speak so much of history because there's so little left" (...) "There are lieux de mémoire, sites of memory, because there are no longer milieux de mémoire, real environments of memory.")
  187. (Hyper) Reality
  188. Entertaining small dogs (or: the small dog inside your head)
  189. What your tummy tries to tell you
  190. 'Don't underestimate the things that I will do'
  191. On being culturally uncultured (or: I don't know anything)
  192. Fake it till you make it, scream it till you believe it
  193. How to art
  194. So modern it's old-fashioned
  195. Maybe I should send this email... (and other thoughts to keep yourself entertained, living on the edge)
  196. More disco than yesterday 
  197. A touch of disco
  198. Just not feeling it
  199. Everything's a mess, but that's OK. 
  200. Eat to the beat 
  201. If I had my own fashion label...
  202. Dogs rock
  203. Fashion talks
  204. Why the 80s are perfect for my butt (or: My 1980s)
  205. My love for pinafore dresses and aprons...
  206. On language and numbers (how 'we' say four-forty instead of forty-four, but also how 101 stays the same. Emphasis changes, a sign of what's more important in 'our' culture or just annoying?)
  207. Relax! (or: 7 ways in 7 days to calm down, wind down and to relax, taking it easy...)
  208. She falls asleep (or: My tips and tricks to try to fall asleep when the mind keeps spinning around in unendless circles of doubt, hate, fear and loathing)
  209. Products User (or: a visual impression of the objects I use on a daily basis)
  210.  Who am I (or: a fashionable philosophical exploration of 'self')
  211.  Writing a script for a potential movie/stage performance 
  212. Wrap Up for Winter
  213. Slide through Summer
  214. Imitation (in fashion, in life, in mind)
  215. Make a moodboard (every month, every day, ever second of your life)
  216. A compilation
  217. (e)Quality
  218. Sometimes things just aren't working out (and sometimes that hasn't have to be ok)
  219. See me in the gallery
  220. To do lists
  221. Things to do when you're ill
  222. Things to wear when it's cold outside (or: don't leave the house. ever.)
  223. ... things to do in an hour
  224. .... things to do before 2017/2018/20whatever
  225. Things to do when you're bored
  226. Things to do before the weekend
  227. Things to do when you've got no other things to do (or when you do have other things to do that you don't want to do so you lie to yourself that you've got nothing to do. Sounds familiar?)
  228. Sing-a-long songs
  229. From cover to cover
  230. This road is long
  231. Brainfreeze
  232. Brainfart
  233. Last minute
  234. Coats
  235. Dark matter
  236. Mind over matter
  237. Mystery matter
  238. Hidden meanings
  239. How girls have fun
  240. Wild Child (crying at night)
  241. She just don't care
  242. According to fashionbloggers... (or: Ridiculousness - a fantasy driven madness)
  243. Literally?
  244. Almost
  245. Too much, too little, never (good) enough
  246. Help me face the world (and other minor problems)
  247. Cyclical thoughts
  248. Assemble thy self
  249. Everyone at once
  250. Hardly managing anything 
  251. Time consuming
  252. Little knowing
  253. Big nose, small eyes
  254. Fighting For Peace & Disco
  255. &Others
  256. The Fear
  257. The content you're getting of me is purely recreated
  258. Sunday Funday
  259. Hi, My name is Dominique. I can't sing. I can't dance. But I’m marvelous at reblogging stuff on Tumblr (if I may say so myself).
  260. About There
  261. The Other Day 
  262. Leftover vintage 
  263. Full of Charm and Character
  264. Wasting Time
  265. Ugh.
  266. Interacting
  267. Don't sing a clear melody
  268.  The uninteresting aspects of life
  269. Things I say to my dog
  270. It's just another day
  271. It wasn't that long ago
  272. Help, I'm stuck in the past
  273. Don't you remember?
  274. #buzzword
  275. There's something in the way you move
  276. Still thinking about it
  277. A million reasons
  278. Bad poetry
  279. Much loved
  280. Growing old
  281. Love affair
  282. What to do?
  283. Nice Things
  284. Scary tales, Magical ways
  285. Outfit Challenge
  286. Books to read
  287. Words to write
  288. Thank Goodness! (Or: A list of what you're thankful for) 
  289. Disheartened
  290. Relevant/relevance/Relevating
  291. Become Brilliant
  292. The entertainer
  293. Where the heaven are we?
  294. My Dog Is Cute (and other facts)
  295. Consistency is key
  296. Saying forever too fast 
  297. My Heart is Like a Boat Sailing Out For You
  298. My Breathe is in the Wind Whispering I Love You 
  300. Let's Bring Back Ghosts 
  301. Sense-making 
  302. Writing my worries away 
  303. Silliness is the holiday's best selling point 
  304. The Lucky Loser Show 
  305. 'You dance secretly inside my heart, where no one else can see' 
  306. 'I won't dance for anyone, but I would dance for you' (or: I would die for you)
  307. I Don't Dance, I Boogie  
  308. 'I love you.' Do you have evidence to support your statement? 
  309. I Love Having Imaginary Social Gatherings With My Imaginary Anti Social Friends 
  310. Join the club! (please don't)
  311. Forever alone
  312. Mad Love
  313. Don't Be The Bunny
  314. Conscious of Consciousness 
  315. Like a Spider Spins Its Web 
  316. Bag To School 
  317. There's no reason for a reason
  318. That ain't no way to have fun 
  319. Once a day
  320. Be anything or nothing (or, like you know, in between)
  321. Are you in or out? (or like, you know, in between)
  322. A postcard from...
  323. Greetings
  324. Fear no mess
  325. A lack of colour
  326. A bit of blush
  327. The turning of the leaves
  328. Desk tour (or: a good excuse to clean up the mess I've created, the piles I've made, the life I've wasted)
  329. A party without a cake is just a meeting
  330. Taking it downtown
  331. No such thing as the news
  332. The essence, what's the essence?
  333. Fast talkers 
  334. 'Makeup is a creation, fashion is expression and art is the purest form of emotion.' (from fashion nymphomaniac)
  335. I don't care at this hour
  336. No hugs! Get away from me.
  337. My revenge will be artistic, not personal 
  338. Found Narratives
  339. Do You Speak
  340. Disconnection
  341. You are the sweetest ache in my chest
  342. The magic of beginnings
  343. Motel Money Murder Madness
  344. Get Your Ducks On A Row 
  345. The Bad Baby Boy (or: Forever Young)
  346. Dream the world awake 
  347. An empty body (or: Nobody's Country)
  348. A new body for everybody
  349. What a fool I used to be
  350. This sudden fear is strange
  351. Talk to the moon & other self-help tips 
  352. Reflections of a butterfly
  353. This Teenage Heart
  354. The Longest Time
  355. Thoughts of an over-thinker
  356. I am what I am (& you can't change me) 
  357. Something embarrassing
  358. Almost there
  359. This list is too long
  360. This list is too short
  361. Thinking of thoughts 
  362. For you
  363. From me
  364. Currently out of order (or: please excuse our appearance, we're inbetween looks)
  365. Wayne Koestenbaum essay on Andy Warhol: "Warhol's affect is poised between happiness and sadness, between a speedy emptiness and a lethargic fullness. We can't pinpoint his mood, and we may, sympathetically, wish to ask: Is Andy okay?" (P. 238).

Did you make your way through the list? Till the bitter end? Well, if you did, I take my hat/head off to you sir/madam/alien/dog/whatever! If you've still got some suggestions of your own: try. me. out. I'm all ears (or eyes) (or, like, nose) (well no, that would be stupid. I apologise. No noses will be listening or reading your comments, I promise). Anyway, I thought it to be fun that -when I use one of these ideas- that I'll link the blogpost in this list. So it becomes a 'working list'. Something I 'work my way through'. Something I can reference throughout my blogging career ('career'). What do you think? WHAT DO YOU THINK?


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  1. I THINK. that you. are. so. quirkily philosophical. AND I BLIMMIN' LOVE IT. All of these post ideas are so unique to you. My favorite is, 'this list is too short'. Now that is a great idea for a blog post ;). Personally, I identify as Mongolian, and a gold fish, and I am rather offended that you did not include that within your list of genders. You must be racist against goldfish. On the other hand, I only listen with my nose, so I find it quite strange that you, in fact, do not listen with your nose. But I guess not everyone can be as perfect as I am. Wow, that was fun. Thanks Dominique!

    1. It only seems right to reply to this comment in list-form...

      1. I'm glad you agree that 'this list is too short' is one of my finest moments. It indeed reflects my philosophy in life. In love. In blog.
      2. GOLD FISH *angrily puts fist in the air* Gold fish are nothing but liars! I mean, where's the gold? They've betrayed me from the moment I looked one of them in the eye and asked 'Are you really made out of gold?' and that distatasteful creature looked back at me, casually winked and said 'Blub'. From that day on I knew I could never trust a gold fish again. As you also identify as a Mongolian I will tolerate you, but please, leave the fishtail at home.
      3. I was a nose-listener once, but then I got a cold. Never truly recovered from that... *snorts* *sad face* *snorts again*

      Thank you for this comment it really made my day. It's something to keep me going while I'm trying to workout a projectcontract for an internship, which just makes you want to sigh (or sign hahahaha. no.) away your life. Not the actual internship is sigh-full, but setting up that contract is. Deeply. *deep sigh*

    2. Well, at least there is a contract to be signed. And your comments always make me laugh. So you are racist against gold fish. hmph. racist. To you I say this: blub.

  2. Oh my god this is incredibly inspiring! I really want to get back on the blogging bandwagon this year, I should definitely do something like this!

    Ruby x

    1. Thank you! Although I would recommend making a smaller list because after all this I sat back, looked at my screen and thought 'now what?'. A bit too excessive, I think. But certainly bringing all your ideas together is a 'cleansing' experience. ;)