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I'm loving it is a well known phrase printed in the minds of almost every consumer on this round thing we call earth. And from now on it's the name for my outlet of favourite things of the month. Because it's frankly just fun to think about the things you've been loving. And then give them some more love (as they rightfully deserve). So lets start this list of love, love, love... and some more love especially for you (... a bit cheesy, innit).

I've just started reading this book with the most amazing title The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett. I've initially picked it up mainly because of the title and had no idea what it was about. However it turned out to be a good choice and I'm absolutely loving it! I'm mostly very declined in reading (or watching) anything that's real or based upon a true story. But The Man Who Loved Books Too Much isn't just a description of a true story (about this guy John Gilkey who went to prison because he kept steeling precious books), it's a story that gives you an insight into the world of collecting. It shows you how many layers theft or even graving has within the complexity of one soul. There's so much more to it than just "I want something that isn't mine, but I'll take it with me anyways". By trying to understand the world of books and to become known with "their" world, Allison Hoover Bartlett takes you on a journey that withholds many different layers. "Compelling with elegant suspense", as may be rightfully said by Erik Larson (whoever that is).

I absolutely adore Paloma Faith ever since she peeked into my rear mirror. I can't wait to get my hands on her new album A Perfect Contradiction (released on the 10th of March). Like she said "It's disco, it's fun, it's like if everything has gone to shit, lets have a dance". And that's exactly what I'm planning to do! Can't Rely On You stays on repeat while I'm bouncing my head back and forth learning for my upcoming exams. It's a perfect mixture of anger combined with some rythme and blues. Another track on the album Only Love Can Hurt Like This is so bittersweet and perfect and magical and... amazing! I very much love the performance she did for Burberry. You just feel the heartpain slowly dripping from your computerscreen. Not in a gross way. ALSO you should check out Trouble With My Baby.

 Paloma ain't afraid for a good tune. Or a good tartan.

Picture taken from my Instagram. Wearing my French hat and La Raffinée lipstick by Chanel. Ain't it all lovely?!

A new discovery I've made, thanks to a big sale (I mean 40% off on everything? Hallelujah!), are the Allure Velvet lipsticks by Chanel. They stay on very long and just look amazing on the lips. The matt finish is brilliant and can give a look just that touch up it needs. I've bought two colours. One in a sort of dark red burgundy (La Fascinante #38) and one in a bit of nude but with this squawk of a reddish/pinkish undertone (La Raffinée #34).

My hands are always very dry and I've found it very hard to find a good hand lotion. However, my mum came up to me with this really nice hand lotion by Riverdale from the Days Collection and it's absolutely amazing! It's thickly textured which I find really nice. It makes my hands moisturized without getting slippery. You know when you put hand lotion on and for about five minutes you can't do anything because everything will slip out of your hands. Yeah? Well luckily this stuff doesn't do that. I'm a busy woman and I need to get things done, so I don't have time to sit and wait before I can drink my tea, thank you very much! Besides, it smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I've got it in the scent Lovely Lily and I can't stop sniffing my hands after I've put it on. It's just very lovely and my hands are really soft now, which is always a good thing.

TARTAN! I see tartan everywhere and I want tartan everywhere. I love tartan. Always have. Tartan is just the perfect mixture between sophisticated, punk, cool, fun, romance, rock 'n' roll, tradition, groundbreaking... tartan is just the opposite of itself and that's perfect because at the end of the day everyone has multiple identities (or plays a different part in their live) and who knows who's the real you from all those perspectives and maybe you are all those you's... is there even a thing such as you or I? Do we even have split-identities? That's why I've changed my lay-out of my Twitter-account, because I'm in a love-hate relationship with social media, into a nice tartan. And maybe it's just because I've seen Can't Rely On You (Live from the kitchen) just a bit too much -as if that's even possible!- or my brains are just slowly melting because of all the things I need to do... So yeah. Tartan. I like.

I really love this picture I've taken from Jack just seconds before he licked the camera and you couldn't see anything anymore (except for some drool dripping down the lens). He just looks a bit alienated. And cute. As always.

Also something that happened this month was my school trip to Paris. That was, admittedly, quite fun. I've made some new memories that will stay with me forever. And a lovely hat. Funnily enough from Forever21. You know, like "it will stay with me forever" and the only thing I bought in Paris is this hat from FOREVER21... you see... funny, innit. Alright. I'll stop now.
The highlight of the trip for me still is Musée d'Orsay and I've been loving some paintings all over again.When seeing the paintings in real life gives you this sort of buzz. Hereby not talking about the newborn Buzz, but about this energy that gives you the giggles and makes you want to jump up and down into the air and scream really loudly while also craving for silence (which is, I imagine, quite like having a baby. Maybe I was talking about Buzz after all...).

I <3 Todd

Last but not least on this list of love, love, love, must be that what happened to me yesterday. "Happened to you yesterday?", I hear you say with some curiosity. Yes, that what happened to me yeterday. Because yesterday was the day I met Todd Selby. Oh yes ladies and gentleman, I've met Todd Selby. Todd. Selby. The one and only! He was briefly in Amsterdam for his new book Fashionable Selby and I was there too *suspenseful music*. So yeah, more about that later this week *music abruptly stops and final credits roll*. So there's a cliffhanger. If that won't bring you back, nothing will.

Let me know what you've been loving this month, because I'm curious and nosy. ;)


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