by - June 21, 2014

Yesterday was very "laid back". My mom and I were for the biggest part home alone, so we decided to take Jack for a walk to our local flea/antiquity shop. They used to sell only old stuff, but now they collaborate with all kinds of different little businesses (every little "room" within the store has been rented by a different person). Unfortunately it's all very white and quite typically, if ya know what I mean. But it's still great fun to snoop around and look inside boxes filled with treasures.

The back of the shop used to be filled with literally hundreds of sacred statues, but these also have disappeard into thin air (a miracle, maybe... sorry. Bad joke). Which is quite a shame because it was very dark and the floor squeaked and yeah, it was all a bit mysterious and freaky, but naturally no good business to sell (who wants 50 crumbling statues of 2 meters high Maria with child?).

While snooping around I found a bag I absolutely adore (and most important: it looks good on the outside AND the inside. Those two factors aren't mostly applied to one old bag). I especially like the design of the embroidery. Most similar bags have a very common flower pattern you can't really distinguish from one or another. But this bag has a darker colour palette you don't see that often. I also really like the fact that you've got a closed bit on the inside and two side flaps where you also can put stuff. Because of my allergies I always need to carry my own food around, so this comes in real handy. Basically I just really really like this bag... obviously. Otherwise I wouldn't naturally have bought it.

Now if you're interested in moving images of me and my new found love, you can watch the accompanied video here.


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