If You Snip It, Why Not Give It?

by - September 07, 2015

I've had long hair, I've had short hair and I've had in between hair... and it's all good.
Morena Baccarin

I've cut my hair.

Well, my hairdresser has.

But still.

I've cut my hair.

For quite some time I've been playing with the idea of snipping my hair off. And, may these pictures be my witness, I've just done so. Out of the blue. Sort of.

My mum needed a cut so I accompanied her to the hairdressers (award for best daughter EVAH goes to...). And once she heard my plan, the hairdresser got excited and said she had enough time to do us both. "Alrighty then!", I fearfully said when looking in despair at my mother who was just grinning like the Cheshire cat. And that was that. Sort of.

As said, I've been playing with the idea for quite awhile, and on one occasion my dad remarked that if I'd snip it, I should give it to a good cause. It only took me two words and Google to find such a cause. The cause I'm supporting is the foundation Haar Wensen, but there are -surprisingly- many different causes and foundations who will happily take your hair... 

7 Reasons Why You Should Snip It!
1. Why not? It's easy!

2. What are you gonna do with it yourself? Creep. (OR, if you are a creep, you can still send in your hair that's left your head 10 years ago. Go and search those pre-teen braids!).

3. It'll grow back. 

4. If it goes wrong, or it doesn't suit you, or you basically hate it, you've always got the reassurance that at least someone else is enjoying your frivolous locks. Your lovely frivolous locks.

5. It'll grow back. Trust me. (Otherwise: ever heard of extensions? Wigs? Although it'd be quite ironic if you'd donate your hair so they can make a wig out of it and then you buy one yourself. So get over yourself, you look fine!).

6. If you ever commit a crime and they find a hair of yours, you could always say that you've donated your hair and that that particular hair is not your hair but from the person that's received a wig of your hair. You'll get away scot-free, guaranteed!  

7. Sharing is caring. It just goes to show how long I've been playing with the idea of cutting my hair, before finally doing it, how important hair actually is. Hair creates an image. But we aren't our curls or the lack of it. We are happy, we are sad, we have feelings. And just by a small gesture you can relieve that image -a little- for someone else.

If you're compelled yourself to finally snip it (and who wouldn't after those compelling and convincing reasons), you should keep a few things in mind. For instance: they're not your garbage can. So before you grab the scissors read the terms and conditions -most probably enlisted on their website. This way you can make sure your bit actually helps them.

Because Haar Wensen makes wigs for children -mostly girls- they ask for longer hair. My hair was 60 cm long (who'd thought?!) and I've snipped of a braid of 28 cm long, so the hairdresser had some room to play with. Which is also an important thing to think of before cutting the braid off your head. So think beforehand what kind of short cut you want and how much 'leftover hair' you'll need. I had this envision of 1920's meets 1980's meets my hair. So just to be sure and to get it tip top in shape, we left quite a bit on the head (which made me feel a bit guilty when she cut off the excessive hairs IT COULD'VE BEEN FUTURE WIG MATERIAL!!).

I'm very happy with the outcome (pictures this Thursday, I promise!). All that stands to do now is to get myself a flapper dress and learn the Charleston. Shake those legs! I can already hear the music...


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