The Cat's The Only Cat Who Knows Where It's At

by - October 02, 2013

Skirt+Vest: H&M/ Shirt: Gift from my aunt/ Tights: Wibra/ Shoes: Primark

Yesterday, like almost every day, I was on the train. I sat next to my friend (a.k.a. "Train Buddy"), minding our own business. Complaining about things. The normal stuff. A guy gets in and sets himself infront of us, putting his bag under the chair. Train Buddy and I resume to our very intelligent conversation, until we get to the next stop. The guy steps out. Leaving his bag in the train.
A reconstruction:

Train Buddy: He's left his bag under the chair.
Me: Yeah.
Train Buddy: Should we... you know... say something or...
Me: Yeah, probably.
*Looking at eachother in despair*

So I grabbed the bag and went to the door (the entrance/exit... that's a door right?). Then it daunts me: What if the train leaves without me because I'm returning the bag of some strange guy who ought to keep sight on his own stuff? I mean who forgets his stuff (which equals to life essentially) on the train?!? Surprisingly loads of people. It's ridiculous, like I've worked three days at a supermarket and two people had forgotten their debit card. IT'S YOUR DEBIT CARD! That's like very important.
I always guard my stuff with great suspicion towards my surroundings because, as stated before, it equals my life (not intending to sound like a materialist, but it does).
So, when all this goes through my mind, I come up with a radical solution. I'll just shout.

Me: SIR!!!!
*Everyone turns around*

Now the guy turns around, looks at me and sees his bag. "Thank you", he says. I, still standing frozen in the train, am not moving. Then he realizes that he's supposed to collect his stuff, because no freakin' way I'm stepping out of this train. Worst case scenario: I'll throw it to him. But there was no need to. He excepted his fate and did the walk of shame.

After all this drama, I sat back next to my Train Buddy. She looks at me and says: "I'm a bad person, because I wasn't that sure if I would've return it to him".  "Neither was I", I said.  But what goes around, comes around. So I'm expecting some good vibes within these coming days.


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