by - January 30, 2014

Warning! The following might contain sarcasm.

As you've might noticed, yes, I'm specifically talking to you my dearest follower -I don't really like the word "follower". It makes me think of those moments in life when you're all alone, but somehow it feels like someone's watching you. Well, in that scenario it would happen that I'm indeed not alone and you're secretely hiding in the bushes. Lurking at me. Judging me.- ... wait, what was I'm typing about... oh yeah... As you've might noticed, there's been some changes. I'd like to call it a technological revolution, but that might sound a bit too grand, so I'll rename it an technological upgrade. From now on you can read this literature (because lets face it, how else am I supposed to call these fantastical writings I've done) on something fancy called Bloglovin'. If you aren't familiar with this kind of terminology (as was I) you can read this blogpost by the lovely Demi.

Also I've widespread my wings over other parts of the secret world called the internet. If you'd like to hear, see and smell more of me (and who doesn't want that?!) you can go to my brand new Pinterest page/account/thingy. I don't have the hang of it yet, but Demi is drilling me into the fine art of it. Have I ever mentioned to y'all that Demi is rather good with technology? No? Well, I do dare to say that she's quite exquisite with that what one can define as "technology".

So yeah, that's basically it. I'm really just writing this post because Bloglovin' has sort of forced me to (in a very gently like manner, don't you worry)... aha. Bit awkward ending, but that might be just the charm of it all.


Hereby I solemnly swear that this blog is mine:
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  1. Why thank you for featuring me in this lovely blogpost <3