by - August 22, 2014

Whenever, wherever, whatever is meant to be forever...

You know those words you really like? Words you'd choose above one another in a weird contest between words? This word may change from time to time, but still got a ring to it after its degradation to number 2 and so on. The sound of a former word, so to speak, still sounds better than the rest of the bunch. Well, that word for me is whatever.

At the moment I really love to use whatever whenever I like to (especially within the context of Stephen Fry. I'd love to have that printed on a shirt...)*. It's a very adaptable word that's got this teeny sound to it, yet also can be used as a grown up "let go". I even like to go as far by saying that whatever is close within reach to become this generations to be or not to be. Instead of being, we're in a constant state of whatever that fires beyond the point of not being.

Whatever embodies annoyance or can give you a wide spread option between actually not caring, to caring too much. However, whatever is also very limiting within the used sentence and/or intonation. It's very vague, yet also very precise. Whatever doesn't have to make itself valid, it just is or isn't part of the question asked and the answer given. There's nothing in between. It may be a sign of indifference, but there has to be some knowledge upfront before it can be said. Whatever can thus be never or ever, which empowers the freedom we (I) often try to cherish.

Whatever is like forever. Something that could be in the near future, but also something that can end within uncertain time. Something that could be eternal or something that will drop dead within 1, 2, 3... If diamonds are a girls best friend, than whatever is the carrier of humankind. Too dramatic? Whatever. (you see what I did there?? I'm oh. so. funny. ha. ha. ha.).


1. Brigitte Bardot 1975
2. Green Living
3. Japanese. Can be saying anything.
4. Scene from a Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
5. Blue hair, don't care
6. Ice green
7. Birch forest in Ferch (1878), Carl Eduard Schuch
8. Alexa Chung at Abbey Road Studios
9. Tavi Gevinson with gun
10. Picture by Petra Collins
11. Behind the scenes

* Edit: I mean this:

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