by - August 26, 2014

OOTD which isn't really an OOTD because I didn't wear it TD. I've been pyjama bound for about a week or so. Very comfortable. Listening to some Hugh Laurie blues, knitting, tea-drinking, biscuit chewing and watching reruns of QI/any other British panel show you can imagine/something with David Mitchell (which quite frankly is any other British panel show you can imagine except for I think Never Mind The Buzzcocks...). So what I'm wearing is a blouse from Mandarin & Mint, skirt from a Charity Shop, beret from H&M, loafers by (?), socks from Primark, black ribbon from my box full of ribbons (always comes in handy!), brooch by (?) and last but not least my college-bag from Bershka.

Disclaimer: I felt I needed a peptalk and for some unknown reason my brain felt it was the right candidate. Now I don't know why it went for this specific chosen symbolism in speech, but it did. Quite naturally. Should I be alarmed? Maybe a bit. But not a whole lot. So in advance I'd like to apologize. It's a bit weird, but in my case very in accordance with fact and/or reality. So without further ado...

Dear me,

You're boring as shit. However on some immature level shit, or poo if you like, can be quite funny. Or atmost interesting. So being shit isn't necessarily as shitty as it sounds. Being (a bit) boring isn't either. The two combined might just be the magic everyone is looking for when they're constipated. Just so to speak.

What I'm trying to say is: don't be afraid to poo (in a non-shitty way). Don't try to hold it in. It's against your nature. Being potty trained doesn't mean you can't make it flow. Because, trust me, you can make it flow. Just don't be afraid or question how everyone else is doing it. Because, being quite frank, they don't matter. In the end it will just be you and your bowel movements.

Listen to the voice that says "push harder" instead of "try to hold it in". Be proud of it! Embrace it! Be it! Accept it! Wear the shit as if it being a Chanel bag. It's part of you and it's dependent on how and where you drop it. Make the most of it because we both know that once it's moving, you need to find a toilet asap.


Thanks me. That's... nice?? And a bit weird (but I'd warned you!). So yeah. Lets move on... When ordering a really dull book I need for my study, I thought I'd spice the order up with something exciting. And however dull the study book might be, everything got outweighed by this book that's part of my ultimate future goal. Dusty archives?* More like rebellious fabulous extraordinary "silver-haired"... person. (not yet sure on the ending).

This book is filled with pictures from the famous blog Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen. There's not more to say about it than that it's really inspiring and lovely and hopefully my future. I mean, just look at the cover of this book! *drools*

*Dull study book about the rules of archiving in the Netherlands. Sounds quite interesting. Read some pages. It really isn't. Also I've once been behind the curtains of an archive. The conclusion of that experience would be: lots of paper (might be a good thing), weird people (not a good weird, so not a good thing) and stupid rules and stupid storage methods that doesn't do anything. 

Classmate: Why do you lay down those posters and hang those posters? Is that made from different paper or?
Weird archive person: Oh no. It does nothing. Just takes up more space. 
Everyone: *facepalm*

Just to be clear, archives can be really cool and interesting and whatnot, but that's not well being translated back into the dull study book(s) and that specific archive I've visited. I know someone who momentarily works in some royal archive thingy (forgot the name of it, sorry) and that sounds pretty amazing! Just step up your game specific archive I'm not going to mention by name because I need to do an internship this year (do you do an internship?), so you know, playing it safe.

As y'all might know if you follow me on Instagram (little innocent plug there), I've just finished a knitting project (a cropped black jumper) and have started a new crocheting project. Which I'm very excited about. So keep an eye out for all that possible future stuff...

As we're typing about possible future stuff: On the 4th of September there'll be the Dutch version of Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Amsterdam and I'm seriously thinking of going. But I'm not yet sure. But I really want to. But I don't know... would be quite a "blogger" thing to do, wouldn't it. But then again I don't like crowds of people and stuff... But I really want to go. Dilemmas, dilemmas... Don't know why I'm typing this here, but then again I don't know what I'm typing in general. Maybe, trying to think logical, I'm trying to force myself to make a decision. But I really really don't like making decisions. Alright, I might get back on you on this one (you being me being you being me). *sigh*

And on that brain cracking note I think I'm going to resume back to my- pyjama wearing, Hugh Laurie listening, knitting (or crocheting..), tea-drinking, biscuit chewing, watching reruns of QI/any other British panel show you can imagine/something with David Mitchell- self. Gooooood evening, good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening!


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