by - July 15, 2014

I've got the feeling that the videos I'm making (ya know, ALL THREE of them) might be a bit boring when you're, like, not me or anybody surrounding me (hi, mom). But that's OK, because you know what, boring doesn't necessarily mean something negative. Being boring might be a great state to be in. There has to be boring stuff to make the exciting stuff... exciting.

There's this Dutch song which roughly states that the normal mundane things play a big part in life to form it as it is. We need those at first glance-standing alone-unsignificant things, to be able to build something that stands as firm as it does. As it goes "Birds without wings won't fly away" and "It doesn't matter how many chances you get, there'll always be a time things go wrong." Everything has to be balanced out for you to be able to experience the difference between it all.

The world can't spin around without all the horrors or happiness, because otherwise we wouldn't or couldn't appreciate the good things as intense as we can do now (this naturally also counts for all the bad things, but lets stay happy! Happy! Happy!). There ain't no rainbow without a little rain or something similar. If something's boring to you, it means that you've had the pleasure to experience something more exciting/breathtaking which may be a stimulans for you to find or explore the world a little bit further to startle your brain (get the fluids flowing, the masses working, ya get me?). Isn't it amazing that you can try to catch the excitement in the palm of your hands and then to be able to look at it with your own set of wondrous eyes. You're your own judge of what you hold up as "boring" or "exciting" (which is all naturally information/cultural based and what not, but lets skip that talk for today, yes?).

Yin and Yang, man! The cosmic duality that isn't merely a sign for the ongoing opposite of everything, but more importantly the complementary values they represent. The world isn't all yin and the world isn't all yang. There's a forever dynamic between, well again, everything. Yin-yang isn't something static but dynamic that never stops or can be stopped. The whole universe is tied to this principle. Something has always a yin and a yang side, but something can only be called yin or yang when it's been compared with something else. Yin-yang are interconnected and thus, if for instance one value is too big, the other slows down.

Yin-yang often represent the forever search for balance. And it's indeed a real artform to find this socalled balance (balance being in my eyes something relative) in the everyday of everyday. This forever search can be expressed in different ways by different people. Think the obvious like the geometric-abstract work of Piet Mondriaan (or Mondrian, if you like) and naturally Malevitsj (or Malevich, if you like) with his Suprematism. Although, I think it's more important to try and find the balance of all things within yourself and your surroundings. It's very interesting to learn from the past, but it's what you do with it now that counts. Balance is something you can strife for and something you can try to (re)create but it is, as yin and yang, dependent on it's opposite. So yeah, being a bit boring is alright if you can (try) balance it out with, like, an amazing character... ahum... ahum...


1. It's a cat. In France. In c. 1965. Owh yeah.
2. Nancy Sinatra. Owh yeah.
3. Big black circle. Owh yeah.
4. Alexa Chung. Owh yeah.
5. Me, myself & I. Owh yeah.
6. White cat, innit. Owh yeah.
7. Coco Chanel. Owh yeah.
8. The End. Owh yeah.

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