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I'm standing in the rain and am wearing a sweater from Primark, a jacket from Vanilia, hat/shoes/jeans I've attacked with a pair of scissors from H&M and a tote bag I got as an extra when I bought the Dutch version of L'officielle. I don't know what's up with all the blue lately...

Thanks for the comments on my previous post, it's well appreciated. Now I could type about the dilemma I'm currently experiencing of  "should or shouldn't I respond to the comments". My mom initially said no, until she read the compliments on the coat and said I should type my mom is the best. And I was like woah, don't let the fame go to you brain, darling (I wasn't like that, I just said nahhh...). So maybe I will or won't comment on your comments (spoiler: I won't. But keep them coming, maybe one day I'll be able to type something sweet in return (now I feel guilty I don't respond. As if it's just a punch into emptiness, but it isn't! I very much appreciate it (it makes me jump upside down and scream for my mom. So....)). But I thought that this post ought to be used for more important things than internet social interaction or something similar. No. This space ought to be used for higher causes ("ought" may be an exaggeration. I mean, I don't live by the rulezz, baby!!). 

Today I had a lovely day with my friend Demi in town. The last few days it's been raining and raining and raining and, guess what, raining. But a little bit of rain doesn't scare us! So we strodded through town like the people we are, awkward yet giddy. We couldn't really find anything that was pleasing to the eye, until we walked into a perfumery where I saw a most lovely bright pink-ish Chanel lipgloss which I totally loved and which I wanted to smear all over my face for the rest of my life (and I had a discount card which would make it 10% cheaper, owh yeah!). 

My internet social troubles are worse in real life (I literally can't talk. Like can't), but Demi is trying to make me life proof (or atleast "functional"). So she made me ask the shopassistent if she could help me. Which I did, with some struggles, and she looked at me like "so you want a Chanel lipgloss. Yeah right." Thus I went like "I really like this lipgloss". And she was like "Alright" and looked if they still had it in stock, which they hadn't. Which brings us to point number #1: Why have something on display you can buy, when you can't buy it because you don't have it. It's so stupid! And, worse, why have three samples on display of exactly the same lipgloss, and none in stock! I mean, that's just a) wasting the product (two more products you could've sold as stock instead of displaying all three you don't have) and b) -repeating point #1- it's just plain stupid! 

Besides not having the things they sell in the store, the woman who helped me was very arrogant and looked at us like we're "not worthy of her time." She acted like I was not good enough to buy a Chanel lipgloss (or anything in the store basically). Which always makes me a bit angry because for instance in the Karl Lagerfeld store in Amsterdam they were really nice and helpful and just pleasant, while this average perfume store (where they have stuff ranging from really expensive to really cheap --not that that says something, but still. No Karl store so to say) acted like I was not good enough to buy the products I want, while I AM good enough to buy the products I want. Does it really matter if I'm some rich kid who just buys everything her heart desires the moment I see it or a not that rich kid who has to save her money until she can buy everything her heart desires?? I mean, money is money and it doesn't really matter who/what/where/when/why (except when you've stolen it or killed someone for it. Than it does matter, I guess).

Point #2 is regarding kids who think they can climb on everything, but can't, and then fall against a table with the back of their head and then bleed all over the place but still haven't learned their lesson and think they can balance themselves, with a bleeding head, on a rail whereby the chance he'd fall into the nothingness and probably kill himself when hitting the floor is like 99.99% high, while you're trying to eat your gluten free bun (which wasn't really a bun but I can't think of the word it was. Fun fact: A bun is also a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back into a tight coil at the back of the head. And I absolutely love the sentence this has been accompanied with by Google Translate "If local women venture onto the dusty streets at all, they sport ankle-length dresses, buttoned-up blouses and 1930s hairstyles with buns and pompadours." Amazing!) with gluten free, dairy free, nut free, Halal, Kosher, low GI, veganist chocolate spread. What? What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the kid in the restaurant who accidently (his own dumb fault) tried to kill himself.

I've always seen moms as people who are trying not to kill you and try to prevent you from killing you. But this mom was just lackish on both areas and looked at her bleeding kid as if it was just a scratch (it wasn't just a scratch, he was bleeding all over the place!). The manager and all came to her and looked concerned at the bleeding monkey and tried to find out what happened by asking everyone what happened (because mom was too busy doing other stuff and had no idea what happened. Good parenting). I myself would firstly faint because all of the blood and then turn into manic panic mom. Or better, I wouldn't let my child climb on all the things that aren't invented to climb on. Now I know it's very easy to say these things while not being that person, but it's very obvious that this wasn't his first "accident". I've never been that kind of child and neither is Demi and we both agreed that if we in the past ever had such tendencies, our parents would be really angry and such. Yeah. It was a very exciting day out. Now I'm back again, sitting on the sofa, typing these words and maybe watch the football match tonight. Hup Holland hup!


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  1. Haha, I love the way you take all those detours in your writing! This was a really fun post to read(:
    And I love your outfit, as usual! Your hair is absolutely fabulous. The jealousy, man.