by - July 08, 2014

Excuse my face. And my hair. It was raining and I'm made out of sugar, so you know, melting risks and such... aha. Also excuse me for that. So... do you know those moments when you want to say something but while saying it you deprive from the thing you want to say. I mostly have this when I'm writing something. Like, today I commented on a blog (something I rarely do but should do more. It's nice to get some interaction (although I always panic when somebody has commented on a post of mine and first have my mom to read it... just in case of... idk)). Besides being not on point, the worst thing about comments is, for me atleast, that I always sound slightly passive aggressive/as if I think I'm a know-it-all (which I'm sadly not)/or I just sound like a plain twat. And I hope it's just the way I see it and not how it gets received (is it also weird to read back your own comment after making it, like, more than once and than thinking about all the other clever words you should've used instead of the ones you did because within those past seconds (or lets be honest, minutes) you forget how to word). And, when typing these words down, isn't it the worst when you discover all kinds of stupid misspellings. Even after reading it a thousand times before hitting publish, there will be as much stupid spelling mistakes as stars in the sky. This all may just as easily be directed to this thing here. A blog is just full of hazards. Oh well, there ain't no fun without a gun. Just kidding. Like, guns aren't fun. And dangerous. Say no to guns! And drugs (no we're on that road).

Today I'm wearing a dress from Vanilia, coat made by my mom, bag has been thrifted, shoes from... somewhere I can't remember but aren't there anymore anyway so it doesn't really matter, and my hat is from H&M. A friend of my mom visited today and in shock she said "oh, you also wear hats inside (the house)." Yes. Yes I do. Fun fact there for everyone. I almost always wear a hat. Except for those moments when I don't.


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  1. I definitely feel the same way so reading over this in a little while is going to get very meta! Really pretty coat, by the way :)

  2. Wait, your mom made that coat? Oh my goodness, how cool!
    I love your outfit. And your blog.
    Good talk.
    (As you can see, I have a similar problem with comments on blog posts. Life.)