by - July 22, 2014

My future life goal is to become a mixture between Jessica Fletcher and Tim Wonnacott.

So today didn't really develop as I had anticipated. This to be stated by a girl who's eating dinner while laying flat in her sister's bed. Dinner today excists out of an absolute minimal portion of potatoes and peas, which is together more than I've consumed all day. What's to blame? Green tea. Yeah, you've heard me! That at first sight innocent looking hot "healthy" beverage has ruined my plans. "How?", you may ask in unbelieve, "green tea is the Mother Teresa under hot- if not all kinds of beverages." This may count for MOST green tea, but I kid you not, there are some baddies under them that have the power to strict my behaviour in the position I'm currently in.

I could've been busy now getting ready to go to The East Riding Youth Orchestra. Smearing make-up all over my face, putting clothes on that are flashy but not too daring, trying on every pair of shoes that I own before I decide to go for the first pair I'd put on, and topping it all with a nice hat. But than remembering that quote from Chanel (ya know, the one that goes "before you leave the house, remove one piece") and look in the mirror, very pleased with the hat and thus I put something else on just for the sake that I can take it off again (always honour your heroes). But nooooooooo... green tea had to spoil all this fun. Green tea had to make me housebound, making me eat dinner on my sister's bed which is now cold because 1) I'm a bad multitasker (eating and typing are both actions to be undertaken with both of my hands, once they are occupied with one thing, they can't to be bothered to do the other). 2) I'm a slow typer (and once food is getting cold, it's getting cold real quickly, trust me on that...). And 3) Everything I put in my mouth gets the immediate reaction of my body TO. GET. IT. OUT. (I won't go into detail, but it's pretty gross).

Alrighty, the story goes like this:
Because of my allergies I can't really drink anything other than water and Green tea (although I also can drink English Breakfast and Earl Grey, but I haven't had them for quite a while so I can't say that 100% sure. I also love a cheeky Vanille Frapuccino at times from the Starbucks (only the Vanille one, because that one is Gluten free, for the ones who were wondering)). I always have my tea from Pickwick, which is a Dutch teabrand and I don't know if they sell it abroad... (fun fact by the way, Douwe Egberts, the founder of self-named coffee brand whereof Pickwick part is and maybe unknown to you but a well known household name in the Netherlands, introduced in 1973 the Pickwick tea. Which initself isn't mesmerizing, but it's got an English name because tea, at that time, was still seen as something British. The then director's wife loved the work of Dickens and persuaded him to name it after Pickwick Papers. Isn't that lovely?!).

No worries, I'm getting to my point... So, I always drink Pickwick green tea. However, it being an A-label, it's quite expensive (especially in comparison with the amount of cups of tea me and my mom gulp a day). Thus my mom thought that we should try another brand that's cheaper, because what difference is there between green tea and green tea? Well... a lot apparently. Now if you know me, when I start these stories, you know how they end. For some unexplainable reason I always turn my words in these occasions to Twitter (not always, only if I'm still able to breathe... So if I tweet something you know I'm still alive and am just suffering from a little contemporary brain damage. I mean, really? I put my priorities in those situations to tweet something into the world??? What's wrong with me, you big fool!!). I don't tweet that often, because I'm not yet sure if I like it or not. And I mean, nothing can be topped after that one time Alexa Chung reacted to one of my tweets. I mean, I'm still shivering from the experience. It was magical. We are BFF's now.

The main downside of having an allergic reaction (ya know, besides the fact that you've almost died) is that your whole body is like WTF. And just everything gives up and doesn't want to and yeah. So this brings us all back to my current state of being. Which is poorly, but I'll survive (as ever. I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it, I will survive, keep on survivin').

Thus today I've spent watching television, crochetting, trying to eat something, immediately accept that that was a bad move and writing this blogpost (which is taking me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to write. I'm now even tired of my own rambling and I almost never get tired of my own rambling. Except now. And when I want to think. And when I want to sleep. And when I want to... y'all get the point).

In other uplifting news (for me that is, atleast. Y'all gain nothing out of this announcement. Maybe sensation of the idea but further... nothing. Nada. noppes) today *finally* arrived the complete first series of Endeavour Morse. So that's me occupied for the rest of my life. I'll probably type to you again after I get bored of it (spoiler: NEVER). (jk). (but no for realzz, I LOVE YOU MORSE!!!).


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