Sunday Summary Week 31

by - August 02, 2015

Oh no! I'm dealing with serious typewriter problems! Mine doesn't charge anymore (or at least not without the biography of Vivienne Westwood on its tail) and needs to go to the doctor. Poor thing....

As y'all might imagine this has also been quite unfortunate for my blogging habits (habits? Where are all those delicious blogposts you've promised us?!). But don't get upset, I'm just taking a little break and I'll be back before September ends. Or so I hope.

However you don't have to miss me while I'm gone! You can still happily stalk me on my Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter and Pinterest and Bloglovin' and so on and so on. So there'll be enough of me to get you through those hard times....

I'll be back before you can say hasta la vista, baby! Or maybe not... You should try it...


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  1. Oh no what a shame ! Although at least you get a holiday of some sort. I wish you an amazing month of August and I'm looking forward to reading you again !

    xx, Charlie

    1. Thank you! A nice August to you too! And hopefully all my typewriter-worries will be gone at the break of September... ;)