Weekly List of Loves

by - February 07, 2016

I try not to do anything I don't like, so I stay motivated pretty easily.
Tavi Gevinson

Stickybaby! Words on clothes LOVE LOVE LOVE always... *sigh* I came across Stickybaby on Instagram and immediately fell for their aesthetic. It's... well, basically it's just cool. Just plain cool. One of a kind items and custom orders using vintage pieces sewn 'Still Lost', 'Miss You Bad', 'Special Girl' or other greatly paired words on. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Go check them out [here] to dig up some inspiration and start slamming words on every jacket you own! It's an otherwor(l)dly takeover!

Nie moj cyrk, nie moje małpy. I came across this Polish proverb on Pinterest (owh yeah, I'm all over social media at the moment) and it really hit me, struck me and all kinds of other abuse. It means: Not my circus, not my monkeys (aka: not my problem). It's so easy yet so forgettable! Maybe something I should put on the back of a jacket... *wink wink* Fun fact: I'm I don't know the actual figure-% Polish. So it's always nice to learn something new from my long distance-heritage.

Who doesn't love Tavi Gevinson? More importantly: who doesn't love Tavi Gevinson's apartment? It's everything a (teenage) girl can dream of! I mean the words 'Planet Queen' are on main show in the living room (*scribbles down the words 'Planet Queen' on the list of words to sew on the back of my jacket*), the walls are covered with art, pictures and all kinds of deliciousness and... thoughtfulness is I guess the best word to describe it. Go see it for yourself [here]. And while you're at it, go check out the other videos they -Nowness Magazine, just to fact check- have made (have you seen Florence Welch's house???). Oh, I just love to snoop around and get glimpses of the way someone lives...

What's on your list of loves this week?


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