Monday Muse: Barbarian Romance

by - February 01, 2016

All pictures courtesy of Chanel (and Google. But lets say Chanel).

I hate it when people romanticize Scotland.
Alexander McQueen

Dressed to kilt.*

Pinterest -but not just Pinterest, but mostly Pinterest- has made me 'remember' all of the great and grandeur of the Chanel pre fall (or Métiers d'Art) show in 2013. YES, yes, the future looks bright at la Maison de Chanel, but... but.... just look! How could I ever forget? Pre fall 2013 was a very good year to be Chanel (well not the actual person. No shaming, but the beloved Coco has been dead for quite a while. Rotting in the ground isn't really an aspiring goal of mine. Maybe in some years to come, but for now I'd like to keep it up with the living instead. Controversial, I know.).

Lets face it: Pre fall 2013 basically is a triumph or celebration to Scottish heritage (naturally intertwined with the Chanel history - Our dear Coco has spend some time on the Scottish Highlands with her sweet Hugh Grosvenor, second Duke of Westminster). It's Scottish, it's French, it's Mary Queen of Scots, it's EVERY (like almost every, but EVERY) tartan you can imagine, it's -as Karl puts it- "Barbarian Romance", it's theatre, it's a bit much (NEVER A BIT MUCH), it's atmosphere, it's... *sigh* DRAMATIC (I love dramatic) and it's -as always- Chanel.

Fashion critic Sarah Mower perfectly -I think- summarized the collection/show:
The interweaving of the threads of a double history -gutsy, outdoorsy, layered casualness played off against high Elizabethan-accented ruffled necklines, doublet corsets, and ballooning sleeves- gave the 'Paris-Édimbourg' collection a multidimensional groundness and authenticity.

Makes your mouth water, doesn't it?

I'll call it: many a-look presented on the catwalk (can you call a Chanel show 'catwalk' or refer to it as a 'catwalk'? I mean, it's a bit harsh considering the work that goes into it by calling it just a 'catwalk', isn't it?) is student appropiate. Well, that is the tartan-loving a bit dramatic student we're talking about. *frightfully puts hand up* Big coats and long scarves you can hide in combined with seemingly weightless blouses that lifts you up by the arm, tucks you in by the neck and gives you just that extra motivation during long boring lectures. Who's taking notes anyway? With those sleeves? With those fabulous sleeves?


*Yes I stole that from that Vogue article mentioned below (AND how original is also being mentioned in a Harper's Bazaar article I've read -also mentioned below), it's a bloody good pun, though.


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