Weekly List of Loves

by - January 31, 2016

Now that I'm 33.3 years old, the days of blue and green are behind me. I have left the earthy and entered into the purple phase of my life.
Jarod Kintz

Another week has sailed away! 

I've got this new (free) app on my phone called Camcorder. Most people will already know about this, but by this app you can make videos that look like your old school 80's/90's home videos (which is indeed very cool).

Secondary colours are the best! Give me Orange, purple and green anyday! Especially purple and green or orange and green make a fantastic arrangement. ORrrrr just plain green in all varieties. *sigh* Love those colour combos!

Plan de campagne! Meaning: having a plan or idea as to how you're going to 'handle' or 'tackle' a situation. For example: my room has been a mess for over a year now and it's only getting worse. A messy room means a messy mind, they say. No, I haven't yet taken any actual actions by cleaning it up BUT I've got a good idea how to 'handle' the situation. First things first: I've painted grandpa's mirror black (it used to be white). Who's winning?

And last but not least, PJs. Because they just can't get enough recognition. (wished mine looked as swish as these Dior ones...)

What's on your list of loves this week?


P.s. There's a new video up on the Youtube... I know, very exciting! Watch [here] or below... Or not. There's always the 'or not' option, but, ya know, that's for the not so nice people. Are you a not so nice people? Thought so! Hope you enjoy...

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  1. Looking good....
    Love the red outfit and the blue sweater.

    This week I love my sewing machine and all my fabrics.....
    Busy busy busy

    xxx Marjan

    1. I can like... so relate to that ;) ALL OF THE FABRICS! Love! x.