The Picnic Proof Cropped Jumper | Spongebob Squarepants

by - January 20, 2016

You bring your own weather to the picnic.
Harlan Coben

| Jumper: Made by me | Skirt: Jil Sander | Shoes: H&M | Hat: Vintage | Gloves: Vintage | 
| Bag: Vintage | Belt: My dad's | Necklace: My mum's | Lipstick: LCL Cinderhella |

Royal Greetings!

YES! These pictures were taken YEARS ago (look at that long hair!). And YES! These pictures are slightly inappropriate if you consider the weather ALTHOUGH it's summer in Australia, right? Well, then this one is especially for YOU. You're welcome, Australia, you're very welcome...

This is the first in a new series called Spongebob Squarepants. "Why?", you might ask, "would you call a new 'series' on your blog after an annoying cartoon starring a sponge who works under the sea in a fast food restaurant, you crazy?". Honestly? It's all due to his SQUAREpants. I go crazy for them. The Square part of it, that is. Not his pants. They aren't as exciting, maybe if they were crochet... 

That's right! My obsession with granny squares is still going strong and thus I thought it to be a good idea to share a few of my squared projects with you. So you -YES YOU- can be a square too. So with quite some proud I'd like to present to you the first ever (granny) squared object I've ever made. FIRST! I always thought that squares, rounds or triangles were an impossible task to ask from me. I'm in no way skilled or capable to do such a thing!  

Turns out I actually am.

Not because it's rocket science and I'm a really really smart person. No. (although I'm indeed really really smart). Just because it's a very easy thing to do. If you're known with the basic principles of crochet (cue grandma/youtube tutorial), you'll be fine!

What I've used
4.5 mm hook 
5 balls of wool in blue
1 ball of wool in white

The square is from the magazine Simply Haken (but which? I can't recall... sorry), but any square that's 8x8 cm will do. Like for instance [this] one, with a step by step explanation (ain't the internet just great?!). I've used yarn from Zeeman in Soft Royal Blue and Soft Royal White to contrast.

As you can see the pattern is very easy (just straight lines, really).

The front and back are equal to eachother (6x7 squares), as are the sleeves (5x6 squares) so of each you'll be needing two (ya know, two arms, one back, one front. Hardcore maths, innit?). And naturally to finish the whole project you'll be needing a neck (1x5 squares). Just the one.

There are many different ways you can 'sew' the squares together. I've just put two against eachother (the 'bad sides' on top of each) and using a double crochet (or if you use American terms: single crochet) stitching it all together. This way, by putting the 'bad sides' on top of each instead of the 'good sides', AND NATURALLY using a contrasting colour -in this case white- you accentuate the squares squareness (quite like a picnic blanket, ya see!).

How to sew it together
  • Sew the tops of the front and back together (2 squares each side).
  • Sew the sides together (4 squares each side).
  • Put the sleeves in the two holes created.  Put the 'sew-line' (so a white stripe) equal to the line you've sewed together from the front and back. Sew, baby!
  • Also get the front and back white lines of the neck equal to -you've guessed it- the front and back (this requires some wiggling). Obviously now you can sew the neck to the jumper, however I'd recommend using some pins to secure it first (otherwise it's going to be a real pain in the behind...).
  • Done!

Lets go and picnic! Who's bringing what? (like, ya know, an extra blanket or something. Not to sit on, but to try and not freeze your ass off while a piece of cake has been frozen to your face and you're slowly drowning in the rain/snow that's been pouring out of the sky like there's no tomorrow AND worst of all: the tea has gotten cold. WINTER WHY YOU SO CRUEL?!!!!!).  
Happy picnic! ;)


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  1. I LOVE your outfit!!!!!
    So weird to see you with long hair......
    I like it short ;)

    love, Marjan

    1. Thanks darling-dear! It's very weird to see myself with long hair again... almost an entirely different person, but I love it both ways!