Monday Muse: In The Meantime...

by - January 25, 2016

Have I said why I love the sunrise? 
It's 'cause it's only gonna get lighter
Feels different then paradise
Is this love?
Swim Deep - One Great Song and I Could Change The World

This Monday we've got a very special muse, namely: in between. In between is situated in the middle of something. In between can also be phrased as 'interspace' or 'interval' or maybe even as 'an intermediate thing'. Meaning, you've just finished something and before you start the next thing there's this space left of nothingness (or at least that is in the eyes of the two things it's seperating).

I love in between times because of their -at first hand seemingly- uselessness. It's a time of breaking up with the old and making up with the new. You can once and for all put a hold to your work/life/whatever and look out for something new and exciting. Mostly exciting, partly terrifying. It's a time you can work yourself out of that big dark deep hole of 'getting on with things' and 'same of the same of the same' and be aspirational about all that has to come (cue terrifying).

It's a time full of uncertainties, but the good kinds (mostly). 'Under construction' might be the perfect way of describing in between. You're bursting with ideas, hope and inspiration, but you've got nothing at hand or anything solid to show for it. You're not yet working to something firmly and clear. Eerything's still fluid without a fixed shape and thus -as the characteristics of fluid goes- it all can easily flow its own way. Everything can change, however slight this change might seem.

So don't go wasting this precious time!


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