Sugar For My Sugar

by - January 13, 2016

Your name, merely your name, floods my brain to a point of sweet disgust.
Alfred De Musset

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Tea, anyone? I've got something bittersweet brewing in the kettle!

Remember: a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. But a pinch of sweetness at odd times can do a trick or two too... Just some sweet talk from my brain to make you (*ahum* me) feel a little bit better (just a little bit).

Sometimes a sugar or two (or three or four or five) can't make any situation sweeter. However it also can't make it anymore salty. Nor sour. Sometimes you just have to take a sip and swallow the bitter before you can taste the sweetness. Maybe it's even because of the bitterness that sugar taste so sweet. 

Craving for the sweet life isn't bad, as long as you remember there's no tea without the kettle boiling. No cup filled without making it dirty. The chances are even high -when handling that cup- that you'll drop it from time to time. Sometimes shards will be flying in all directions. And that's alright. Just pick up the pieces and try to glue them together again. And after a while, don't be afraid to try and pour the boiling hot water into it and -when ready- to choose a flavour. And naturally to add a sugar lump or two... and to take a sip from your own brewings.

Don't be shy and take a sip...


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  1. I'm glad I don't have any sugar in my tea..... ;)
    But you're right. Keep on trying!!

    love, Marjan

    1. Suga how you get so fly? ;) There's this quote (which I'm now most probably going to mis-quote, but ya get what I mean) that goes like 'better to try and fail than to never have tried at all', which sounds like something very wise (and true) to say...