Get Up & Get Over It: Wishlist

by - January 29, 2016

I'm shopping around for something to do that no one will like.
Jerry Garcia

While situated in the 'in between' (read all about that [here]), I've got some time left to do WHATEVER I WANT. And apparently one of the wantings I want (or wanted) is (or was) to make a wishlist of some sorts. Or rather: the wanting was to get the things on this list but... ya know... money or something holds me back in fulfilling this graving, so a list have to withstand. For now.

Anyway, I've been roaming the internet in search for some inspiration. I've been in a sort of 'style rut' lately. It's not a lack of inspiration, but more a lack of motivation (why dress up at all when you're sat at home abusing either your computer or your sewing machine? It would be the act of a madman! Especially with all that fluff in the air. Man! The other day my mum made a white fake fur coat and pieces of it are still stuck in my throat! It's everywhere EVERYWHERE!). So to get myself motivated I thought that a voice from the outside -instead from a voice within- could get me up and going. Or naturally dressing in this case. So here we go!


  • [This] Sad Girls Club Sweater by Nikki Lipstick, [here] worn by the wonderful Leanne Woodful from Thunder & Threads. 
  • S-T-R-I-P-E-S! [This] Stripe Wool Dress by The Whitepepper certainly knows its ways... Also, go check out their new knitwear collection they've launched yesterday. There are some real gems (ALL OF THEM), like [this] Pom Pom Cropped Jumper.
  • I'm feeling a DIY coming up! (same goes for the top version of this dress) There's no denying [this] dress is a must! (as is thus the top version)
  • In theme with this wishlist/moodboard: [this] Grid Sweater from UNIF. Obviously goes perfect withe [these] ADORABLE Ditto Mary Janes. There's always something about a Mary Jane I just can't resist...
  • Say cheese with [this] Lomogrophy Instant Camera! (goes with the lifestyle)

  • Are you a gal with a plan? Neither am I. But don't you worry! With [this] diary you'll soon be one. Hopefully. Otherwise, doesn't it look pretty?
  • GUCCI. I know, I know... favourably everything, unrealisting something and most definitely nothing. BUT look at [this] cute blouse! There's more of that where it came from. Just saying. Casually.
  • Ungrateful? Never. Unrealistic? Maybe. Spoiled? Most probably. [This] Spoiled Crop Sweatshirt is perfect for a gal like me (they also got it in tee shape [here]).
  • You can never NEVAH go wrong with [this] classic Serve Skirt!
What's your favourite item? OR -being a wild child here- what's your least favourite item? Or both naturally. OR -now I'm getting carried away here- what's your second favourite item and your last but one least favourite item? Let me know in the comments below!


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