My Objects

by - September 05, 2013

For school we needed to present two different objects with personal "feelings" towards it. But, these objects also needed to be representable for others... quite a task indeed. First I couldn't think of something that was personal and also served public interest. It took some time, but I think I've found something in my pile of stuff.

This button says "This just in: Elvis is still dead". I bought it in this postcards annex trumpery shop in Amsterdam and immediately fell in love. The name Elvis represents a spirit of age and when saying it carelessly, everyone knows what you're talking about. I say "what" deliberately, because the name Elvis does not only indicate the person and his creations. It also is connected to American popculture. He was part of the rising of Hollywood and the phenomenon "Idols".


He also was a pioneer in the conspiracy theories about tragic and somewhat suspicious deaths around (Hollywood) stars. I name drop James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and now of course Michael Jackson, and without doubt many more. This attitude towards dealing with their deaths (government was behind it, they wanted to escape the public eye etc.), is an insight of how compassionate -or paranoid- people are towards something that's important to them or important for the public in general. This button plays on this concept with a sarcastic tone. It could be seen as scoffing at someones believes. But you can also see it as something that has occured long time ago and still means or plays a great part in society. We question everything until proven different. Or better said: until we hear the things we want to hear.

My second object is a little bit closer to home. It's an old bobbin that used to be my grandpa's. My grandpa was some lightyears ago a furnisher. He made the chair I sit in at the moment, but that's impossible to bring to school, so I chose something with less scale place.
The thread on this bobbin is thicker than usual, that's of course because he worked with thick fabrics. He used this thread for example to sew cushions or sittings. You can even use it for carpets!
Nowadays these sort of antique bobbins are very collectable and therefore serve the greater good.


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