Monday Muse: Sneak Peek

by - February 08, 2016

Haven't you felt a peculiar sort of worry about the chair in your living room that no one sits in?
Nicholson Baker

In theme with yesterdays List of Loves: Going behind the scenes and getting a glimpse of someone's living situation. Very a-muse-ing!

The way someone lives and has organized or decorated his/hers home is one of the most telling or 'open' one can be about his/hers personality, I think. I can't bare the thought what secrets my room must convey to the eyes of others. Most probably that I'm really messy but organized at the same time (this due to the piles of mess I've actually organized by 'sort'. Say pile of clothes, pile of books, pile of paper, pile of notebooks and many more. I never seem to de-pile and over the years they've only grown bigger and bigger... *sigh*).

The king of the room -or rather: documenting 'the room'- must be Todd Selby from the oh so famous, hardly to be needed mentioning but oh so amazing The Selby. I've actually have had the pleasure meeting the man himself two years ago (two years ago?? Blimey...) in Amsterdam. I say as if it being nothing, but as you can read [here] it was a whole lot of nothing (nothing in this sentence meaning OMFG IT'S TODD SELBY FROM THE SELBY AAAAAHHHH!). Nothing. Just nothing.

It's amazing how some people -as for instance documented by Todd- can live their lives in such incredible surroundings that are not only inspiring and home-y feeling to them, but also giving the same gratification -maybe on a different level- to the ones who just sees the pictures of it. Witness to this endless spiral of inspiration may firstly be the popularity of such websites as The Selby and similar blogs where people share their living space (*ahum* my mum [here] *ahum*). The main difference between them and you is naturally that you're the observer or maybe even the analyst of their situation.

The actual space of a room is hard to capture through the lence of a camera, but I find that the atmosphere -when done right- is oh so captivating by just one click. The personality, especially a person+living room combo, just shines through in every 'move' they make. I love how you can sort of capture someone's excistence this way. A prove of their being by mere objects that say so much and nothing at all! Just a small piece of the puzzle that can make the picture complete in so many different ways (also, just to add, I absolutely love when people 'comment' on their apartment/house/room. It always seems so delicate and personal and... touching, I guess. As if you get to touch the room with the words they're saying and get a better comprehension -again- of their excistence).

To end with:
'When you can't have it all, you sure can have just a glimpse, a smell or rather: an impression', must've been the thought process at British Vogue when coming up with their Youtube-series 'Inside the wardrobe' (click [here] to go to the playlist). Basically they show you a sneak peek inside the wardrobe of a famous well-dressed (naturally debatable, but still well-dressed) person. Think of for instance Caroline de Maigret, Suki Waterhouse and Lilly Allen. And basically it's all I've dreamed of! I want to roam around in other people's closets forever and ever and ever. That's like the best thing that could happen to me! Well, that and a cup of tea would be nice. Now you're at it, can I get a cookie with that?

During the writing process of this blogpost, I've actually have taken it upon myself (and my mum. Sorry mum) to clean out the piles. The only piles filling my room at the moment are those on the shelves! (and naturally my overflowing desk. What to do with the overflowing desk??). And it's always funny but true how much influence your surroundings has on you (if only my desk would be 'pleasingly neat yet showing signs of living'). It's funny how you're not only (mostly) the 'boss' over the way your living space looks, but that your living space in return can be the boss over the way you feel and act. Food for thought, indeed, luckily I've got a cup of tea and cookie at hand in my 'pleasingly neat yet showing signs of living' room. *sigh*


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