Weekly List of Loves *Valentine's Edition*

by - February 14, 2016

My sweet little valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite work of art
Frank Sinatra - My Funny Valentine

It's the day of loving!

Although I'm being overwhelmed by a new school-environment (and pace), I obviously couldn't slip or miss a Weekly List of Loves on the day of Loves itself! That would've been foolish, right?! As you might've noticed I haven't really had time to produce or conduct anything for here (and the coming weeks will probably look as saddenly empty -but don't be despaired! I'm cooking some thoughts and hope to serve them nicely on a plate in the near (not so near) future). However I thought a List of Loves must be a easy-peasy task to fulfill, because -again- the day of today being Valentine's Day and whatnot, love must be flowing from my keyboard!

I'm not really a big Valentine's Day fanatic (although I've referred to it at least five times by now and will be referring to it quite a lot more during the actual listing of the loves). Yes, yes, it's all consumarism and American-ideology and aggresively put through your throut by money-obsessed pigs making you only realise how lonely you are and that there's no such thing as love. Or at least that's one way of looking at it. You could also say that it's a tradition or ritual based upon Christianity and the Roman Empire (like almost every other 'special' day). Or, well, it's just another day to 'remind' you of the existence of your loved once (in case you'd forgotten) and give the hopeless romantics some room to play around with. Or naturally just consumarism. Who cares anyway?! It's just a little bit of fun and that certainly can do no harm these days...

Kiko Milano especially brought out for Valentine's Day a Valentine's Day Collection. Who'd thought? Would've been quite 'shocking' or at least amusing if they'd came out with a Halloween Collection... Just saying. The collection is called Best Friends Forever and has a small range of products to offer you in its limited edition format. From Mascara shaped as a heart, to perfume shaped as a heart, to face powder shaped as a heart, to lip pencils shaped as... well... as a pencil and -last but not least- to lipstick shaped as a heart. Like, the actual product is shaped as a heart, which makes it -for me at least- quite challenging to put it on neatly, but who cares IT'S SHAPED AS A HEART. That's like, taking it to another level! This isn't just Valentine's Day, this is Valentine's Day EXTREME. Anyway... I've thus gone for the brightly coloured, creamy Endless Love Lipstick in the colour #03 Cute Cherry. It's very pigmented but as I said a pain to put on neatly... Maybe if I put the heart upside down? Or would that just be sad?

What's up Doc? Have you seen the new (don't actually know how new this one is, but as it's V-Day themed it must be sort of new, right?) Valentine Collection by Dr Martens? If not, check it out [here]. I'd love to have a pair of those! Not only shoes but also bags have been shaped and curtsied by Doc to make a luscious eye-popping heart shaped collection. I love it.

Adored Vintage is an online vintage/vintage-inspired clothes, accessories and -as of shortly- home&decor shop run by the most amazing Rodellee. If I should summarize it into one word, it would be #GOALS (yes, in capital letters (and yes, with # included)). Not only the products she offers, but also the complimentary blog is something we (yes, WE) can learn a thing or two from. For instance [this] post on antique Fraktur love letters is just LOVELY (yes, again, in capital letters). Or [this] post on engagement pictures from the past. Everything is just LOVELY and thoughtful and inspirational... just... #GOALS

The 'good' thing about these days is that it mostly just lasts for a day. The day after today will be as 'normal' as 'normal' can be. AND probably all of the mentioned above products will be in the sale (just saying). ;)

What's on your list of loves this week?


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