The Winner Takes It All

by - December 15, 2016

The winner takes it all
The loser standing small
Beside the victory
That's her destiny
ABBA - The Winner Takes It All

And the winner is...

[Click here to go to the giveaway]
[which is closed now, btw, but, like, maybe you want to look at what you could've won if you had participated... I don't know why you would want to do that either...]

Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
cats and dogs,
pizza couriers and chinese takeaways,
gather around!

The time is nigh, the winners of the first ever, and most probably last ever, giveaway will be announced shortly! Oh how electrifying! The jury had no hard time choosing the winners (as there was only one on each platform to participate... also, I'm not really a number-person, but is there any corralation between me having 226 followers on Instagram before the giveaway and loosing twenty souls after the giveaway... you can't please everyone I guess. *one single salty teardrop slowly slides over my left cheek as I scrape my throat* Anyway...). The tention is rising! Who could it be?! Who could be the lucky winners of the first Fashioned by Pluche zine??? OH MY GIDDY GIDDY GOSH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!!

And. the. winners. are.....

*an annoying and ineffective long silence. I mean, these are just words on digital paper. You could just skim the text and read it whenever you like. I'm not stopping you. I don't have the power to stop you. Yet. But when technology evolves to that extend, and when I will have the power to stop you skimming my hard thought-through words (right), well then, then... Anyway, back to the announcement*

......the lovely Batsheva from Cynical Duchess (which is an absolutely brilliant, funny and honest blog and you should all be following her) and the wonderful Loes who simply is the definition of cool and also a very good analog photographer (go and see it for yourself @loederr)!

Dear winners,

Although you were the only two participants, your stories really resonated with me. From fulfilling a childhood dream (by making your dog wear your brothers' underwear classic) to standing up to those whippersnappers who just don't 'get' the pleasure of playing with your entire Barbie/costume jewelry collection during school hours (anything to avoid maths, amiright). And by showing that you're not a deer directly staring into the headlights of a truck that would definitely squash you to death, is a very handy trade to achieve at such a young age for when you're older and people really start to act weird when you pop out the ol' Barbie doll during a board meeting... Well done, you two!


P.s. After I've gathered your information I will send it to you as soon as I can. Pinky promise.

P.s. P.s. I've had this nightmare about you looking at my zine like 'what is this sh*t', so I'd like to ease the pain before damage has been done: this is the first zine I've ever made and -as it goes with most firsts- it isn't THA BEST THING EVAH. However I tried my very best to make it something. So I hope this something will make your eye twinkle (or twitch. Twitching is fine too) just a tiny-winy-little bit.

Business will proceed as usual very soon... (it probably won't, but I felt this sentence needed to be added).

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  1. Ok, first of all, so sorry it took me THIS LONG to reply. Life, and all, gets in the way. AND I AM SO EXCITED TO READ YOUR ZINE. AND IF YOU WANT TO READ SOME OF MY GARBAGEY POETRY FROM WHEN I WAS 17 I CAN GO AHEAD AND SEND YOU SOME AND THEN YOU CAN REALLY LAUGH. and ps-- that guy ended up becoming one of the most good-looking guys in my school. But you knew that was coming, right? Ok, and now I need to read and comment on your most recent posts. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET SICK. THE INTERNET MOVES ON WITHOUT YOU.

    1. Hahaha! I could now say the same: sorry for the late reply... I'm head deep trying to get everything together for a VERY IMPORTANT deadline. The deadline self being on the first of January (HAPPY BLOODY NEW YEAR). And I kid you not, the teacher coldly looked us in the eye and said 'if you want to be able to catch the next deadline, I suggest you start working on it the very same day' (again: HAPPY BLOODY NEW YEAR). Is this the true definition of brutality? I get that it's the final year, but we aren't robots! Anyway... HAPPY BLOODY NEW YEAR! ;)

      I haven't send it out yet. BUT I WILL! Today. Tomorrow. Next year. IT WILL MAKE ITS WAY TO YOU! *pinky promise*