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by - September 05, 2017

Abbie from Blush & Noise posted some time ago about her summer soundtrack. And here I am, posting about my summer soundtrack. #artisdead Just kidding (or am I?). I loved reading about the way Abbie personally related to the songs and how it can provoke happy thoughts from real life experiences. Although some lyrics and beats are very personal to the creator, the universal language of music can speak and most of all mean something particular and sometimes spectacular to an individual. Or it can just make you smile and think about sunshine. Which is fine too.

"Although I would be lying if I say I wasn't tempted to simply upload a video of me doing musical-karaoke."

Although I basically listen to the same-old same-old on repeat and this particular summer has lend itself perfectly for me to obsessively watch/listen to musicals, I have managed to present you here three songs that aren't ALL from musicals. Although I would be lying if I say I wasn't tempted to simply upload a video of me doing musical-karaoke or me crying when hearing the first notes of Les Miserables. It just gets to me man, it gets to me.

Moral wisdom

I sometimes wonder whether there are people who can read thoughts. Especially those who can read my thoughts. Although then I wonder why anyone would voluntarily want to read my thoughts. But sure, when you've got the ability to read thoughts why not nose around a little? Anyway, it's a worrisome thought that someone is possibly able to read my thoughts. Especially when I enthusiastically chant to myself "kill yourself, it'll only take a minute, you'll be happy that you did it, just go to your oven and show your head in it." I mean, it might send the wrong message, you know? Also: don't kill yourself.

Although I haven't 'physically' listened to Kill Yourself by Bo Burnham anytime this summer, it miraculously got stuck in my head and now it won't go away. Although I stand by the message -not the 'kill yourself' part but the 'life's toughest problems aren't solved by simple answers'- all they (the thoughts-reading person) hear is "kill yourself" to a problematically catchy tune. And, again, it might send the wrong message. Also: don't kill yourself.

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Is it a fruit, is it a metaphor?

Awkward, Abbie and I actually share a summer soundtrack number. How embarrassing! Although it doesn't surprise me as it has a rather catchy tune (and I read her blogpost before writing this one and nodded in agreement when she mentioned this song). AND it's actually, currently number four on the top ten popularity chart list on this persons Spotify page. So... you know... awkward but acceptable.

"Feeling blue or slacking? Kiwi. Kiwi is the answer to your problem."

I was never really a One Direction fan. Perhaps because I never went beyond their first single. But I did curiously enough watch a documentary about them. Priorities, I guess. However when Harry Styles released his debut album I was easily sold to the fangirl lifestyle (although I think I'm doing it wrong, does anyone has some tips to share?). I can listen to his album track for track, front to back, but Kiwi has proofed itself to be extra valuable this summer. It's namely the perfect beat to get yourself energised to. Feeling blue or slacking? Kiwi. Kiwi is the answer to your problem. Especially the live performance he did on The Late Late Show gets me going (but that might just be because I really like the jumpsuit he's wearing and wish it was hanging in my wardrobe).

Please, it's all about pop-u-lar

I looooooove Wicked. And frankly who doesn't? I've been on a musical binge this summer and Aaron Tveit has for some unexplainable reason guided me through my choices (the Catch me if you can soundtrack has been ON REPEAT). So when I found one of my favourite Wicked songs sung by Mr Tveit, I high fived one of my embroidered paintings on the wall and repeated an 'owh yeah' while clicking on the link and uncontrollably shaking all of my limbs in excitement.

Although I can't 100% stand behind the choices Galinda makes, there's just something soothing and all forgiving hearing her sing "don't be offended by my frank analysis, think of it as personality dialysis". Especially when Galinda turns out to be Aaron Tveit. I'm just very easily oozed. (But, I mean, have you actually heard the smoothness of his voice? It's like butter made out of cream). It's also, I found, a perfect backtrack when getting ready. Or doing the dishes. Or, you know, contemplating life. Or death. *cue Bo Burnham*

What have you been listening to this summer? Let me know in the comments below and maybe you can help me broaden my horizon and make me leave the white male population astray.

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  1. I am always intrigued by what music other people like, often I just enjoy singing along to whatever cheesy chart music captures my attention so my tastes aren't exactly refined haha! I have sadly never seen Wicked but I really must watch it soon, so many bloggers that I've seen writing musical posts rave about it! I absolutely love what you're wearing in this post too, you look incredibly at ease and classy - just gorgeous!

    Abbey 😘

    1. Thank you, thank you! All those kind words *blushes* I certainly have no refined music taste (although -when instigated- I CAN have strong opinions). I used to follow the music industry and all its up and downs up close, but now I've retired and just invest in the things that I enjoy (although a little bit of up-to-date pop cult knowledge never hurts anyone). ;)