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by - June 09, 2013

State your name, rank and intention.
The Doctor. Doctor... Fun.

Now Matt Smith has resigned his role as the Doctor, he'll need to be replaced by someone else who can tame the TARDIS, fight Daleks and safe the whole universe from disasters (and of course simultaneously being charming, funny, clever and what not).
Speculations run wild about who this newby might be. And more important, what will the regenerated kind wear?

Doctor Who is all about tackling the future with the past. Answers might be hidden away, so take another close look at the previous shown.
Every Doctor has his own trademark, wouldn't it be madly great if they manage to combine the boldest with the best. Molding a new Doctor based upon its heritage and own personality!

However Doctor after Doctor goes, while the TARDIS is always there. The inside may change from time to time, the outer area basically doesn't (a blue police box, what more do you want?). So why not add the allure of the TARDIS into the new design? I mean now we're free the speculate, we can make him be, do and look the way we've always imagined. We are in control!

So I've been digging through my wardrobe and put together an outfit for the new Doctor...

Coat: Inwear/ Blouse: Thrifted/ Trousers: H&M/ Boots: Thrifted/ Stole: Handmade by my mum/ Hat: H&M/ Socks: Primark/ Umbrella: City Automatic/ Bow-thingy: Handmade by my grandmother
As you've might noticed, the look I'm going for is low quality and green TARDIS. You can't really see from this picture, but the coat is deep cobalt blue and the stole is very navy dark blue with grey highlights. The blouse is also grey, but some tones darker with deep pink roses. The leaves of the blouse are the same colour as the bow-thingy (technical term) and matches right up with the trousers. The blue comes back in the umbrella and the grey in the boots. The shoelaces match with the black hat and the socks (red-white striped with a blue anchor) matches with the navy colour of the stole. We've gone full circle here and looking back at the other Doctor's you might see few of the references back in their costume.


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