Here's Jackie!

by - June 08, 2013

Jack is fascinated by birds. He often jumps in the air, waiting for a time he can fly away. He even goes as far as eating their poo. “Eating their poo?”, you might say in disgust. Yes, Jack just can't get enough of the stuff. He will sniff and lick until someone obeys him not to do that (as indeed, it's quite disgusting). “What kind of animal is this 'Jack'?”, you could ask with reluctance. Well, to be exact, Jack is a Jack Russell terrier (a Jack Russell named Jack, I know).

The kind of animal you own is a resemblance of you. However, I'd like to doubt that. Jack and I are almost the opposit from eachother, yet somehow it just fits. He gives me something to talk about. For example:

Yesterday I was walking the dog, when I passed by the old peoples home. Normally a place of rest and utter dullness... only to be occasionally disturbed by the creepy weird looking ducks.
While I was walking and talking and not paying any attention to my surroundings, an elderly couple decided that my dog would soon be theirs [dramatic music].

They opened their garden fence and lured Jack into their direction. I was not having it and tried to pull him away. However the little dog is fast and stood already in their garden, actually lying on his back with his paws in the air. I was not planning to surrender to the evilness of the oldsters and tried to drag him with me. However they were trying to convince me that he wouldn't want to come with me anymore (as in the way: we will take it from here). 

Slightly panicking I pulled the dog leash just hard enough to get Jack on his feet and made my way to the exit. The lady said in a creaking evil voice: “You can always come by, he can play with us and it would not be a problem... see you soon” [evil laughter]. And I was just like “Have a nice day!” [keep on walking, keep on walking and DON'T look back].

Draw me like one of your French girls...
It may sound innocent, but you weren't there! It was very intimidating and now I have to avoid every old couple I see (they are not to be trusted!).


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