by - March 23, 2014

For those who don't know, Fashioned by Pluche is the name my mum gave her handmade clothes (based upon my sisters curly hair... which now has smoothed into infinity) and has ever since been a reference to my childhood. Since the beginning I've sincerely adopted the name for my own evil purposes. Fashioned by Pluche stands for the cool, the fun and the sentiment. This all I try to effuse -not always with succes- with my walking, talking and dancing (which is just horrible). But to get me walking, talking and dancing in the first place, I need to get myself some clothes. And for some clothes one needs some fabrics. "How to do that?", I hear you cry out. Well, I'd suggest that a perfect place for finding fabrics is a fabric market (it's really in the name, you know). Fabric markets are there to get you loaded up on lots and lots of different cute/nice/chic/flabbergasting fabrics for not that lots and lots of money. Yay.

Today I've been to such a market. Surprise. Surprise. So here's the story of two fabulous ladies (and my dad) on the hunt for some fabulous fabrics so they can turn it into even more fabulous clothing. Which makes them equally fabulous (it's a visual circle)...

It's the first time this fabric market has been on this spot, so we were a bit curious of how it would turn out. The market self wasn't that big and the fabrics were still into autumn/winter mode (and we were looking for some summery things). Besides that we still managed to get some good deals done. Yeah, we had to work really really hard to find something pleasing... just ask my dad. Uhm... yeah, first stand and all... Lets just say we got what we wanted, which is 1) less than we wanted 2) not all what we wanted 3) something different than what we wanted 4) just what we wanted.

My mom and I always make a list before we go to a market. Not that we adhere to it, but it gives you a good insight of what you really want (EVERYTHING) and what for fabric, and naturally how much fabric, that specific item needs. Beside the list we buy also other sorts of fabrics that are looking appealing or just makes us drool. To make it clear: fabulous ladies doesn't always equal not-drooling ladies. It's just hard to keep it cool when you find the most amazing fabric for something most amazing (most amazing being something you don't know yet, but you absolutely gonna love in anticipation).

I'm a bit dreaded that we didn't found all the things we really wanted (EVERYTHING), but if the fabric ain't right or the price too high, it ain't coming home with me. I mean, 23 euros for a meter fabric? Absurd! Especially because it's an outlet market, so all the fabrics are sort of out of season. I mean that's something a haberdashery shop or sorts would ask without blushing, but you market? You disgust me.

We've bought way less than previous visits. But there's another market soon, so maybe they can satisfy us with the right means. However, the fabrics that we did take home with us are absolutely lovely and I can't wait until they've been transformed into something wearable. And I'll be walking, talking and dancing (maybe blogging) soon again...


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  1. I love the fabrics we bought. Now I must turn it in to some fab clothes. Wait and see.