by - March 27, 2014

"You know you've made it when you've been moulded into miniature plastic. But you know what children do with Barbie dolls- it's a bit scary actually".
Cate Blanchett

My grandma was the best knitter this world has ever known. Not bragging, just saying the truth. She not only had eyes for the big projects, but also the patience for the small ones (which for my mum and me is too much hassle). She kept herself occupied by for instance making garments for Barbie dolls (which is, as it may already sound, quite some hassle indeed). One of the dolls she's clothed is this original Barbie from 1966. I personally have a great compassion towards greens and knits. Preferably green knits. So I got inspired by this little ensemble and kept myself occupied.

Skirt + Bolero = Fashioned by Pluche 
Blouse = Object
Shoes = Primark
Hat = H&M
Sunglasses = No idea... sorry.

I've just watched this video on Youtube by John Green form the Vlogbrothers (and also worldwide read bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars and such, so no biggie). And I totally agree on how he says that art or inspiration is a fusion of everything one gets exposed to. May this happen conscious or not. Together we create this big ball of wool and it's up to each and everyone of us to knit their own jumper out of it. Hereby originality, I think, doesn't necessarily lays in the product one  produces but in the one who produces it. Every knitter has another way of knitting (how she holds her needles or how tight she knits her thread). So if a million people knitted the same jumper with the same wool, every jumper would still be unique and a product on its own because it's (slightly) different than all the other 999999 jumpers. In some ways this is quite reassuring, because I often think about originality and inspiration and how I can turn something into something of "my own". However, if it doesn't frankly matter what I do because in some way it will always be original, well, what's the fuss about then?! (she said in despair).

Today I've had my bangs cut at the hairdressers (not to be seen in the pictures shown above. Just to be clear) and the hairdresser was talking to me and my mum (who also got her hair done) about how one of her colleagues always dresses in the same clothes as her daughter (not in a twin-way, but in a I borrow that coat from you today thank you very much-way). She thought it was quite weird to wear the same clothes as your daughter or your daughter the same as yours. Whereupon my mother started laughing because I always borrow (aka steal) her clothes. I practically have got two wardrobes to choose from. And still nothing to wear, what a shame... So my mum went on about that everyone adds something different to the clothes they wear or even the manner of wearing it. Again -sort of- if a million people had exactly the same kind of jumper (which we stated before was impossible, I know), all those people will wear it differently. Even if the rest of the outfit is also exactly the same because we are not. Everybody is different, even identical twins aren't 100% identical. *mind blown* We all are different and process things differently and express ourselves differently and yeah, as said, basically we're all different. Therefore the same ain't the same because if everything (hereby not only talking about people but also the stuff they create... maybe even nature) is unique nothing can be the same. It may look alike, but alike isn't the same. Even if you knitted twice the same woolly jumper it wouldn't be the same because it's a "creature" of its own... 

There. There's where I'm going to leave this (I've typed the words "different" and "same" so many times in that last paragraph that it might be too many times). So yeah, now you've got something to think about for the rest of the day. I hope you enjoy it. The day. Maybe also the thinking. Who knows. Get crazy. Combine the two.


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