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As to be deducted from the title, this is part 2 of a collab between me and another blogger (the lovely Demi). As Demi will state below, you should (or could of course) visit her blog for part 1. So yeah. Have fun. 


So if you came from my blog you already know me but I guess the majority of you don’t, so let me give you a small introduction. I’m Demi and I have a blog where I take you guys along with me on my adventure that I call my life. So Dominique and I are friends as you may or may not know. If you didn’t you do now :) (wow what a great story Demi...) Well yeah, we came up with an idea that basically is a collab between our blogs. A few weeks ago we went on a little trip and decided to split that day up and show it to you guys through our blogs. So if you’ve missed part one, you should check out my blog which you can find here (insert a link here Dominique ;p) So yeah let’s start with part two! :)

After seeing what we wanted to see we decided to explore the other exhibitions in the building. They were a bit disappointing just like the main thingy so yeah I’m not even going to go all deep about it so I’ll just move on if you don’t mind and if you do mind I’ll move on anyways.

We walked out of the building and right across it there was another museum which is called the Natural Historic blah blah I don’t even know anymore and I’m sure I also got the beginning wrong but ANYWAYS… It was a museum that basically showed dead animals and yeah the story behind those bones and other stuff. I’m usually very interested in these things but this was just..yeah what should I call it.. a bit dusty or something. It just didn’t gotto me or Dominique. We made a quick round and soon found ourselves outside the building already.
So we decided we should walk and explore a little. To give you an impression of our walks, here are some pics.

So yeah that’s me.   

And that’s a very excited Dominique :)

So as you can see, the walk was pretty fun. But let’s move on shall we..
We soon found ourselves standing on the side of the road a bit lost and not knowing what we should do but we saw another museum and we ended up exploring that one too. I know right, so much art and culture on one day jeez! This one was filled with paintings and sculptures and other stuff which was kinda cool. But it didn’t really made loads of inpact on me as well so yeah I don’t know if I should go on telling you about this one either. I don’t think I will, nope decision made, I will not. :)

Yep our day of seeing some cool stuff didn’t really turn out as we hoped but still hanging out together was fun. After we spend some time in the last museum I talked about, we headed back to the trainstation. We ended up in the Starbucks getting a really nice hot chocolate and for Dominique a nice cup of tea. And since it was Valentine’s Day, the lovely lady who worked at the Starbucks didn’t only write our names on our cup but also added a cute little heart and a smiley face :)

So with our nice warm drinks we headed to the platform where we had to board our train but before that I had to make a quick stop at a shop to buy myself a sandwhich ‘cause yeah I was just hungry.
After getting my delecious sandwhich we walked up the stairs.. well I went up the escalator and Dominique took the stairs.. anyways, we finally reached the platform and boarded our train back home.

And that my lovely readers was our tremendous story of our exciting Valentine’s Day, haha! I hope you enjoyed some of my writing, I personally loved writing for you. I hope to see you guys soon and I wish you all a wonderfull day! 
Thank you very much for having me Dominique and on that note I’ll leave you guys again. Bye!


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