by - June 30, 2014

Gif in to me.

This month my loving will be expressed through the means of mime. No, just kidding. Or am I? ... No I really am... This month my loving will be expressed through the means of Gifs. And that's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Owh yeah. Just felt that all needed an owh yeah... and owh yeah my brain is slowly melting because I'm actually quite ill (but already recovering so no worries). So lets start giffing (?) and lets start loving ().

The first thing I'd put on my list of love (or even more than just simple plain love), are my new Chanel sunglasses. That's right, you've heard me Chanel sunglasses (I'm very spoiled you know... and broke... but who cares!!). These sunglasses are AMAZING! They are very subtle (no big CC's on the side) and have a slight cat-eye shape I absolutely adore! Each pair of these kind of sunglasses has a unique code and are all hand made and all slightly different. And each pair has an own unique (it's all very unique, if you haven't noticed yet) case where there's just one of in the world. I also have a card which is like it's ID and it's like a membership card... it's like I've joined a club (of poor people with great sunglasses. The man who helped me in the shop said that when I ever visit a Chanel shop, I should wave my card up and down and they'll bring me tea and treat me like their queen... Not that I ever go into a Chanel shop (as if). The angry looking security guard infront of the door scares the hell out of me... maybe now with my sunglasses he'll smile. Or not. I don't care. Well, I do a little...). I feel really special walking down the street wearing this beauty upon my tiny nose and yes... it doesn't get any better than this. *and breathe* Sorry for rambling. I just really really really really like these sunglasses. They are the best. The best ever! Ever! EVER! So yeah... sunglasses... woohoo!

A Scene In Between by Sam Knee is absolutely amazing. It gives you a great impression of the clothed kids in the uk back in 1980-1988 ("tripping through the fashions of UK Indie music"). It's full of pictures of unknown, but also some known Indie rockers and is, if I may say so myself, a great addition to On The Streets 1980-1990 by Amy Arbus (another favourite book of mine... However, this book is more "from the inside looking out". With On The Streets it's more a moment captured from the outside). I was talking with my mom -as she's an 80's survivor- about how the 80's is just practically a mixture of the whole 19th/20th century which leads into a new interpetation that actually relies on the rich history it copies... Some days ago, when attending a lecture, I looked around and realised that most "young adults/kids" (kids at heart forever!!) are also very 80's dressed (in the sense of the mixture). Also emphasized in this book, of the previous fashion history -- as in those times, these times might seem quite similar (a bit) "It's easy to understand why so many young folk (myself included) felt disconnected from the times they were living in and were seduced by the poetic paisley haze and noisy positive moxie of an era rich with romantacism and escapism, rather than endure the ghastly, harsh, mundane reality of 80's Thatcher Britain." Now, I don't want to claim that current times are like 80's Thatcher Britain, but these words are followed with high unemployment (tick), "alienated youth" (small tick) and the craze for second hand clothing (tick, tick and tick). This all also makes me think about German Romanticism from late 18th/early 19th century. Just saying.

Shoes! I love shoes! My only thing with shoes is, is that I'm very autumn/winter minded. I like big chunky shoes in black. I don't own really any other coloured (some dark brown and a pair of dark green ankle heel/boots something, but that's it). My mom and sister bove have Birkinstocks and I also wanted a pair (there's gravel in our garden and it hurts!). But I thought they were quite expensive and I couldn't really find a pair that I fancied. Until my aunt came around wearing these Birkinstocks with three straps in black. I really liked them and asked where she got them (gifted years ago from her friend, if you'd wanted to know). But my aunt is that kind of aunt that when you say you really like something, the next day it lays in fornt of your door. And so it went this time (and so will it be always. Which might sound ungrateful, but I'm not! I had no idea she'd give them to me -she had gotten another pait for her own from the same friend and thus gave these to mine (it's good to have friends. And friendly aunties) Thank you aunty!!). And yes, now I own a pair of Birkinstocks and they walk great and the gravel can't hurt me no more MWHAHAHAHAHHA... Also new in paradise are these open-cut booties from H&M and probably my only pair of summery shoes (Birkinstocks are slippers, no shoes) are these cute doll-like shoes (which I bought with matching cute low doll-like socks with lace --which you've might seen in the previous blogpost. Might.) from the Primark. Yay.

And now the last thing on the list this month are boxes. Big boxes, small boxes, basically anything square and my eyes are pealed on it. I love boxes and quite own a few (which sometimes can come in hand and sometimes can lead to frustration. Which box to choose???).

So yeah, that's it for today boys and girls. If you've been loving something and like to share it with me, go ahead! Share the love! Love! Love! LOVE!


*quite ironic.

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