by - June 13, 2014

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1. Lovely sheer socks.
2. London's calling
3. Ain't afraid of black cats.
4. Spicey.
5. Birds falling down the rooftop.
6. Moon me good.
7. Oil me up, Scotty.
8. Shine bright like...
9. One can never have too many jackets.
10. It's a twin thing
11. Torn up town.
12. Come dine with me.
13. It's Friday, Friday...

When I was a young one, I've always had two career choices in mind. One was doing something in Fashion (making clothes or styling or anything similar) and if that led to a dead end I could always rely on number two: being a witch. While every little girl dressed up like a princess, me and my sister paraded through town as fabulous witches (something we've still got the hang of).

I've always loved Friday the 13th because everyone is aware of the day. Even those who aren't superstitious know that it's Friday the 13th and that initself is quite mystique. AND it's going to be full moon tonight, which emphaizes the witchy vibes the 13th brings into the air...

Statistically speaking, the chance of it being the 13th and a Friday is (a bit) higher than it being the 13th and a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saterday/Sunday. Every month that begins on a Sunday has a 100% chance of there being a Friday the 13th. Also, still talking numbers, Friday the 13th has multiple explanations for its existence. The first naturally being related back to the Bible. Friday's the day the Romans carried out their death sentences (and we all probably know who allegedly died on a cross). And 13 then being the number of persons that attended the Last Supper.

Friday the 13th can also be descended from a Norwegian saga about an evil god called Loki who wasn't invited to a party and thus crashed it as the 13th guest, plunging earth into mourning. Oh, Loki...

Recent research however has placed the superstition surrounding this particular day with this particular number as something more of a new age. The first signs of Friday being an unlucky day has been found written down in the 17th century. However, there were yet no signs of it specifically being bound to a Friday the 13th. The relation between the two may be related back to a book written in 1907 called Friday the 13th by Thomas Lawson. However, the number 13 has had for some inexplicable reason always something bad about it.

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13 and is based upon the Greek words tris meaning 3, kai meaning and, deka meaning 10 and naturally phobos meaning fear or morbid fear... obviously. There are even two words to describe the fear of Friday (fancy, innit, two long words for one fear). Beginning with the word friggatriskaidekaphobia which is, as you've might noticed, the same as triskaidekaphobia only with frigga being attached to it. Frigga is for a change not Greek but Norwegian and refers to a Norse goddess called Frigga which in English has been translated into Friday. The other word is paraskevidekatriaphobia which again is derived from the Greek words Paraskevi meaning Friday, dekatreis meaning 13 and that all being stuck together to the word phobia. Oh how exhilarating!

I'd like to thank Wikipedia for enhancing my knowledge (probably incorrectly, but it makes me sound smart...). My first year of college has almost come to an end. I've learnd a great deal of things. Most of them aren't directly school related... a biggie naturally being the train rides. I still don't like trains, but I'm able to get in and get out without being killed. Yet. Yay. And as a little extra for y'all, the word for fear of trains/railroads/train travel is siderodromophobia. Not that I can pronounce it or anything...


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  1. I always wanted to be a witch growing up too! I was obsessed with "Witches," that kinda creepy Roald Dahl book. Also: congrats on finishing your first year of college/knowing more stuff because of Wikipedia :)


    1. Thank you! Wikepedia is the best for enhancing your knowledge with useless (and often wrong) information... If college doesn't work out, I luckily still got my witchy vibes to chant on ;)