by - June 16, 2014

Today is Father's Day (well now yesterday, but when I started writing this post it was still Sunday, please bare that in mind... carry on)  and to celebrate it I'd bought some tickets for me and my dad to go and see an ABBA tribute band (ABBA CZ! as they'd let us know after every one or so song... it was hilarious...). We had buckets full of fun! My dad and I aren't particular massive ABBA fans (although I say this while I'm at the moment headbanging my heart out to their music), so when the concert started and the first five songs that they sang were absolutely unknown to us, we felt a small leak in our bucket (get it... I AM SO FUNNY). However, when they started to sing Super Trouper, Mamma Mia, Take a Chance, Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Voules Vous and so on and so on, we felt right at home (however we didn't always know the right lyrics, so we just sang... something... as if they knew...).

The concert took place at our local open-air theatre.

Because the band had came right after a concert they did in Prague (and immediately came here riding in their car), they had only a few cds with them. Thus they gave them away for free. Yay for free stuff! So everyone came to the edge of the stage and tried to be the lucky one. My dad's got longer arms than me and managed to get the last cd. Not that we'll play the life out of it, but it's just fun and isn't ABBA (especially a tribite band) made for just fun?!

Earlier that day I went with my dad and mom to a sort of shop at home, which had a lovely calm garden. They also had this sort of arc thingy, which made me think of Alice in Wonderland. When I was younger I've never been read Alice in Wonderland and I find it quite funny that now, when I'm "all grown up" these kind of stories really attract me. Maybe it's my subconscious talking...

On YouTube I've found the very first Alice in Wonderland film ever made. I love old films. They are mostly cute, creepy and confusing (not really something I'd watch before bedtime, because that mistake I've done once before... nightmares aren't made for a good night sleep, ya know).

By the way, if you happen to be down there on the YouTube platform and you're curious about moving images of everything described above, well maybe the following will be something for you! I feel like that sounded like one of those Tell Sell advertisements. "Does your feet hurt when you walk outside? Maybe you should go and try a pair of shoes?!". And than some woman who's been badly dubbed "I always went outside without any shoes on, but thanks to Super Mega Master Shoe Pro Z I now do! My life has been literally turned upside down!" Now for only 99.99 euros! But wait, there's more! If you order now, you get a pen for free! But that's not everything! If you double your order, you get not only a pen, but also a skipping rope! Isn't that AMAZING! And now an eighties compilation of happy people walking... I'm sorry... the point I wanted to make, I've uploaded a video on YouTube (go me! Being an all cyber space internet person!). So yeah... you could watch that. Or not. Just like this blogpost. But if you've come this far, you've probably already did (read it. You've already probably read it. Just to be clear).

This post has been a bit rambly all-over the place. Just the state of mind I'm currently in. Happy Father's Day (which here has already passed for like 10 minutes, but still... love you dad!).



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