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by - August 09, 2016

Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth 
it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Wish you were here...

Yesterday I woke up bright and early. Still sleepy I looked in the mirror. Alarms went off: Scrap the bright from the early, because holy-moly a mosquito had taken a bite out of my face and a nice bumb decorated an otherwise normally(esque) shaped face. To make matters worse: the button of my trousers said adieu when trying them on, I smudged red lipstick on my new trousers (to 'replace' the buttonless one), I had liquid eyeliner all over the place due to fanatic sweating and that's only the beginning... Not a good start of the day. Especially when all that gets to be crowned by still missing my train. Hurry hurry hurry for what? Hate when that happens...

"But where are you heading to?", I hear you question. Well, dear reader, as the title of this post may betray my secret, I was heading to Amsterdam. I know, I know, I'd sworn to myself at the beginning of this holiday that I would not return until necessary (*ahum* school *ahum*). However I couldn't resist taking a plunge into some leisure time within the city. Amsterdam, here I come! (together with my dad) (because, darling, I sure won't be leaving on my own)

We came with a goal: the Noordermarkt. One of the many famous markets in Amsterdam and I had never been there. "So let's go there", I yelled at my father (and he obliged, because he's a good dad). The Noordermarkt is sitiuated near the famous Jordaan (famous market + famous area = dream team?), near near the Anne Frank House. You can't miss it! ...right. You just can not miss it... Was it a left turn or a right turn? 

Basically: we got lost. Which first of all isn't a crime, although you're studying there for like, what, three or so years. Because normally I head straight into the metro and only will see daylight when desperately looking outside of the cage, oh excuse me, I meant window, window of the schoolbuilding (which is more south A'dam than north A'dam, so....). What should've been a 10 minute walk turned into a half an hour stroll... however Amsterdam turned out to be quite fine on an early(esque) Monday morning.*

Finally arrived at destination, it all turned out to be quite a flop, as I dare say: as almost every famously 'edgy' A'dam market will turn out to be. My mum is originally from A'dam and spend her youthful years there. Back then if you bought something from for instance Waterlooplein or naturally Noordermarkt, you were the coolest kid in town (because they only sold the coolest and edgiest things). However today that's not the case anymore (not even close). Therewith the Noordermarkt is very narrow and (therefore) very crowded. If you dare to stand still at one of the stalls you surely have twenty people panting down your neck (I swear someone touched my butt. Maybe not deliberately, but that contact was just a little bit too long for my liking).** So instead we strolled back to the (yet again) famous 9 streets; which we already had passed for like, ten times and counting when in search for the Noordermarkt (actually we first went to this yarnshop 'De Afstap' because my mum wanted the newest Rowan Knitting & Crochet magazine, but the shop was still closed because in the Netherlands most shops on a Monday will open around 13:00, and it was exactly 12:12 when we came knocking on the door...).

All in all we had a great time, looking around and mostly -quite literally- being blown away by Amsterdam (my hat almost ended up in one of the canals). It's nice to see and experience the city in a different, more relaxed light. Almost makes you want to explore more (at least if my feet stop hurting so badly... I just can't walk 500 miles more!).

Have you ever been to Amsterdam or would like to go? What's your favourite spot? Or naturally: What would you like to see? (for feature reference). ;)


P.s. There are two, yes TWO new videos up on my youtubepage! An Amsterdam vlog from a few months ago... Thought now was a good time to upload. Go watch them yourself [here] and [here]!

*Especially because the gay pride canal parade was like, the day before, and there still were some confetti to be found.
Confetti makes everything better.
**Note: Don't you dare to ever touch me, whatever the reason may be. I'm like an art piece: only to look at. Hands off!

What I'm wearing: Suit - Made by me / Blouse - Made by me / Hat - Forever21 (old) / Bag - Charity Shop / Shoes - H&M (old) /

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