12 Cool Gifts From Independent Businesses To Give To Independent People (Or Me) (Please)

by - November 27, 2016

 The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree 
is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
Burton Hillis

It's the time of giving...

It's December! (minus a day or two) You know what that means, right? CHRISTMAS! Oh my giddy giddy gosh the world is turning too fast, time has been mixed up and I'm getting seasick. How can it be that I am already thinking about Christmas? I don't even particularly like Christmas! It's just another day where the pressure rises high, where you're being forced to have fun and be fun. I don't do magic tricks on command (she said, while stamping her feet). However this year we're trying to do it ol' school with playing games and giving presents. BUT NO TREE OR DECORATIONS. Except for a little bit of glitter or, like, you know, some banting or something and like, Christmas cards and treats maybe BUT NOTHING MORE THAN THAT.

In preperation for 'Santa's big day', here are some gift suggestions from independent businesses to give to independent people (or not. Being independent isn't a criteria for buying these products, money is). Because, you know, no one will die from a little bit of originality... right? *suddenly chokes on a bit of originality stuck in my throat*

1. Fortune Lapel Pin (Stay Home Club)
2. Skull Lapel Pin (Kristina Micotti)
5. Scribbles T-shirt (Cailtin She)
6. Social Circle T-shirt (Stay Home Club)
7. Lip Slick in Creature (LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs)
8. Edwardian Dark Flat Canotier (Birds and Fresia)
9. Happy Ghost Socks (Sarah M. Lyons)
12. Mixed Emotions Club Lapel Pin (Tuesday Bassen)

Have you already started preparing for Christmas or do you leave it up to the last minute? Do you like to gamble too? Because maybe it isn't 'just a phase' and has your dare devil behaviour become an active lifestyle choice... mmmm very interesting. Do you give presents during the Christmas-period or is each other's company enough? (You don't need to bribe your family to hang out with you, you're a cool guy, people like you for you. Good for you). Which cool gift from this list would you like to find under the Christmas tree? (or like, under the sofa or stuffed away in a chair or behind the computer screen or wherever you want to stick it, find it, lick it and cherish it...)


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  1. Wow! Thank you for being original in your slightly Scrooge-esque apathy towards Christmas. Because if I read one more post about someone who is ready to marry their fairy lights, I will personally march over and make them marry their fairy lights. And I don't think that would be very comfortable. Also, I really want number 5.


    1. Hahaha! Thank you... It's just all a bit too much I think, that bothers me the most. As you said: suddenly fairly lights have a sexappeal. It's weird and uncomfortable and, like, unnecesary I guess. I actually was even more scrooge-esque but I thought to myself 'how can I say all of that and still try to joyfully praise some cool Christmas gifts?' (although you naturally, obviously could also just buy this and ignore Christmas all together, but -as said- I'm trying to slightly get into the Christmas spirit this year *deep sigh* fake it till you make it...).