Today Is The Day To Change: Let's Go To Space!

by - November 09, 2016

I'll tell you what freedom is to me, no fear.
Nina Simone

Thanks for nothing.

It's Wednesday morning. I'm lying in my bed. It's about 9 o'clock. My mum walks into the room. I look at her with big eyes. She sits down at the end of my bed. "What do you think?", she asks. I hesitate. "Well?" she insisted. "Uhm... Hillary?", I said with doubt in my voice. She looks at me, she tries to smile, to give me a feeling of safety. I know what's to come. "No", she says, "it's Trump." A silence. That name, that awful name and all that it represents. "I'm never going to leave this bed ever again", I said while rolling myself like a wrap into my duvet.

However I did. I did leave the bed. After ten minutes or so I got out of my comforting wrap and faced the day.

I haven't turned on the news yet. I don't want to see the news yet.

I just came across this quote and somehow, out of context, I thought it to be quite suitable considering the current situation:

Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.
(from The Orphan's Tales)

Nightmare scenario? Perhaps. (Yes). But after Brexit I think we all knew it was going to happen. I mean, the main problem is dissatisfaction. Any opportunity to go against the grain, against the status-quo, is grabbed with both hands. Which is a good thing when going against discrimation, racism, unequality etc. However I think we all know, in this instant, that isn't the case. I'm worried. I'm sad. I'm dissatisfied. Especially considering that these days 'going against the grain' apparently means 'going against anything that doesn't fit the heteronormative world view'. And it isn't just dissatisfaction with the established order, it's fear. Fear of the unknown. And it's a dangerous kind of fear. Especially when the unknown is anything that falls outside the specifications of 'white western middle class male'. I'm claustrophobic and I really get an uncomfortable itch, a feeling of discomfort, a panic attack even, because of that tight little space that's being put forward. A space where there is simply no space. There's no space for 'other'. While there is more 'other' than imaginable, there is so much more space available. So. Much. More. Space. So let's go to space! I couldn't agree more with Brittany (from B is for Brittany), who wrote on Instagram:

I don't need to tell you how horrible of a man Donald Trump is. I need you to rise. I need #blacklivesmatter to rise. I need #nastywomen to rise. I need the #lgtbq community to rise. I need YOU to rise. Today I am shaking in my bones. Today I am telling America you can't keep ignoring that #whiteprivilege is real. That #rapeculture is real. Today I am telling America I will not sit by and let 8 years of progress go to waste. I will not let the last 50 years of progress in the Supreme Court go to waste. I will not let people tell me in two years vote in more liberals. Today is the day to change. I'm not sure quite how yet but good job America, you got this #nastywoman fired up.

All rise! There's no time anymore to sit around! As Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) said on her Instagram (apparently I'm all over Instagram today):

So today we are scared and upset. Worried about what our world will become with him at the helm. Let's remember though, we are at the helm of our own life today. We can choose to be kind and help each other and spread peace. Do something for someone today, something good, with love in your heart. Do lots of good things today. That is how you can fight this.

We are our own support group. We need to give a good example. We are the example. We are the ones in control. Even though this control isn't currently reflected in politics world wide, it doesn't mean it isn't there for us to choose, use and cherish. Because even though I'm not a Brit or American, these kind of decisions are a reflection of a bigger problem within politics and within a power un-balance that goes with it. Globalisation can sometimes be a b*tch when it comes to spreading a certain ideology that's based on fear rather than on facts. But, in our case, it can also be a super power. I don't stand alone. Brittany is not standing alone. Louise is not standing alone. We're all standing together. With our foot sternly on the ground and our hands in the air, making good use of all the space available. Spread the space, spread the change!


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  1. You make some beautiful points. But as an american, who has to live in this country-- I am not left with a feeling of fear, more like apprehension. when both Hillary and Trump were voted as the last two competing candidates, I think the entire world groaned, especially America. Memes started cropping up of Canada having to take in all the american refugees, etc etc. And while Trump is extremely vile, I am kind of relieved that Hillary didn't win. Trump may say some crazy things, but in way, he hasn't yet proven in action how vile he is, it is merely words right now. The day may come when he may prove in action how horrible a person he is, or he may actually turn out to be a good president. We really don't know. The problem with Hillary, and the reason why I am secretly glad she didn't win, is because she has proven time and time again, that she is not afraid to mess with the law. there have been so many illegal incidents, that have been covered up over the years, even things that she did while her husband was in Office, that are just as vile as the things Trump says. I think what really saddens me the most is that America has come to this-- a man that spews intolerance and prejudice, and a woman that lies and cheats to get herself in power, This is what America has voted in, and this is what makes me really really afraid.

    1. I agree with you that by saying that Hillary Clinton would've been better regardless of everything is only wishful thinking. And, as you said, due to her previous 'political life' she's already been able to show what she's got to offer. The other day I stumbled across old Saturday Night Live sketches during the Obama/Hillary campaign and it's mesmerizing to see how the media (or at least Saturday Night Live) has turned the way they painted her picture.

      I think the most telling during this election was that no one was actually talking about their political points (or at least they weren't on the news over here), they only discussed all the ghastly things both parties were saying about each other. It's so different over here, we've got I think five big parties that are (actively) part of the government and over a dozen around it who can give their influence on a more local level. There's basically so much more to choose from than 'two evils'. There's so much more nuance and, well, choice. However, as I said, America does -I think- lead with the choices they make and therefore, by this choice, gives room and voice to the more populist and hate-talking politicians who perhaps further 'normalise' these kinds of political debates. And I personally don't think, with Trump and his speeches, that that's going to be a good thing for politics in general. (Those who shout the loudest will get what they want, but how about those with an actual idea?).

      Anyway... I wish you all the best and such! <3


    2. I think i'll just go hide in my closet with a tub of ice-cream. then maybe reality will go away.