by - November 01, 2016

Last Sunday evening I got some feedback back from my teachers on one of my assignments (as that's what teachers do). After reading that feedback I swore to myself to never do anything again. To never try to create something (whether school-wise or creative-wise) and to just quit with everything. EVERYTHING. *whispers* Everything.

However, after one long day of misery (Mondays are awful as they are, let alone to meet up with said teachers -and 'school group'- to talk some more about all the bad decisions you've made in your life) I funnily enough cheered up a little. Maybe it's got something to do with the new notebooks I got (consumerism and killing trees, I know how to live my life). Or maybe it's got something to do with a 'clear mind' and a temporal stop on self-hating (my sister and I noticed that when we get stressed she ignores the world and reads thirty-or-so books in one day and I start to hate myself more than I usually do... good to know... good to know...).

Anyway. Today during my 'trying to make this sh*t work' labouring hours, I stumbled upon this hashtag. Because I'm cool and down with the kids (yo). #ZineWriMo stands for [hashtag] Zine Writing Month. And it starts today! Basically it's a challenge to make a (or more) zine(s) in the month of November. Do I've got time for this? No. Does that matter? No. Well... it does a little, but after saying 'I hate myself' for the thousandth time... I mean, it gets old quite quickly. Like 'I know' or 'whatever'. Also [this] print from The Sad Ghost Club is constantly, softly, repeated in my mind. So it goes a little like this...

My brain: I HATE MYSELF!!
Me (in my mind): I know!!
*whispering in the background (of my brain)*: If you're feeling blue, try making something new
*almost un-understandably soft (in my mind)*: No matter what it is.

Anyway. I love The Sad Ghost Club. I've recently discovered them and I love their stuff and what they stand for and I really want to combine it with stuff from The Stay Home Club because I must suddenly be feeling the group spirit or #squadgoals (of being on my own, alone, surrounded by cool stuff that somehow, weirdly, suspiciously makes life that tiny-winy bit more bearable at the moment... killing trees, dressing up as ghosts and lying in bed contemplating on life or whatever... *sigh* it must be Halloween again...).

Anyway. Today, on the first day of #ZineWriMo, we're getting started. That means thinking about themes, topics, layouts, story boards, doodles etc. etc. the whole shebang! At the moment I'm contemplating on either going seasonal or thematical (current ideas: on how to be a good kid (see my oh so crowded 'Good Kids Club' (followers) as an inspiration), knitting/sewing or just to 'go with the flow'). What do you think? What would you like?

If you'd like to join us (I say 'us' in a most 'I'm not running this show but now I've become part of it and, like, I don't know, don't hold me to anything') you can, like, start making a zine this month, use the hashtag and maybe join the Facebookgroup. I don't actually really know how Facebook works, but I guess you can just look it up (the group is called 'ZineWriMo' how surprising) or you could just, like, you know, Google it or something... Also, fun fact, I've never actually made a zine ever (or, like, I sort of always did as a child, but they weren'officially a 'zine'. I didn't even knew it was a 'something' back then. When I was innocent and... innocent). (maybe I could make a zine about being innocent, young or, like, nostalgia...).


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