by - July 20, 2014

Alrighty, yesterday I've bought tickets to go and see Paloma Faith in December when she sets her angelic feet upon our ground, so to speak. It's quite funny, because Demi and I talked about it when we were around and about, and yesterday she texted me from Spain (she's on holiday there) that she just got an email about the ticket sale (I'm obviously going with her. I'm also going to see Linkin Park in November. With Demi. We're busy ladies, indeed).

I naturally squeaked out loud and got my slowly typing paws on the internet to go and buy, buy, buy! However, I didn't really understand what to do, so I screamed for my mom who had everything done and sealed within time (who knew there was a time limit upon ordering tickets. Makes me nervous. Especially when there's this big clock pictured on the side. Slowly killing the seconds. Also, good example of what-are-they-talking-about. Generation gap? My mom laughs out loud. Ha. Ha. Ha. (not really, though. That'd be weird)). I still come from a time when we had to go to the post office to get our tickets (although, the last time I went to a concert I also had to buy them online, which was like... when was the last time Tokio Hotel did a Europe tour?).

I don't know why, but for some unexplainable reason I feel very grown up about it all. For a big part of my life I've felt 16 years old. However, lately I don't feel 16 anymore. Although I also don't feel like the big 2-0 coming in October. That's like, a way too big number for where I stand in life... it makes me shiver. I haven't accomplished the things I think that near future 2-0's ought to have accomplish. Not that I specifically know what's on that list, but it's all more of a feeling, I guess.

But yeah, I'm going to Linkin Park and Paloma Faith and just now I realize how big and scary and eventful these activities are and it frightens me on so many levels. But it also makes me smile, so it's alright I guess. I mainly don't do big crowds, closed rooms and all the other obvious things that comes to mind, so it'll be quite challenging. But fun. Remember. Fun.

Further has my holiday been very... I wouldn't say relaxing, and also not uneventful, but yeah, that. I've made a pair of striped trousers, I've made two skirts (and am busy making some more), I've crocheted a blanket in granny stripes within a week (quite proud of that) and just started the same thing all over again but in grey for my dad, I'm also seriously thinking about making a v-neck sailor-ish type of jumper (a bit like the oh-so-popular Rag & Bone v-neck jumper everyone's parading in, but have you seen the price tag?!). I already got the wool and the pattern laying ready, it's only way too hot to do so. Crochetting is quite easier to do in such temperatures (although with blankets there's the downside of the whole lot covering your pasty bare legs), but knitting must unfortunately be pushed forward. *sigh*

In other news: I'm going to a concert this Tuesday with my sister at our local open-air theatre. The East Riding Youth Orchestra will perform excisting out of 46 youngsters between the age of 14-19 under the guidence of 5 oldsters and a conducter (no age has been included, although it might be save to say that he's part of the oldsters). They make "popular music with classical influences, such as their own musical version of Riverdance and Lord of the Rings." So that must be fun. Fun, indeed.


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