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So yesterday night I went to bed quite late. Although, not really. I'd fallen asleep earlier that evening and woke up quite late (or early, if you like) and realized I hadn't brushed my teeth yet (and I take these medicines which says on the bottle that you can get some kind of mould growing in your mouth if you don't clean it often enough and ain't no mould's goin to grow in my mouth I tell ya! Also I always have these nightmares that are mostly teeth related (everything falling out, everything getting pulled or rotten away etc). And, on top of that, I'm scared of the dentist. He's a nice guy, he's just chosen the wrong profession. So I try to limit my appointments with him to the absolute minimum). Anyhow, I stood up to brush my teeth. Just for the picture: I sleep in the attic and have to go downstairs for the bathroom. Opposite to the stairs is my parent's bedroom. My mum is pretty much always awake and very suspicious of any sound she hears. She's a general bad sleeper and is afraid burglars will come in to the house at night. So she whispers the same as ever "Niek?" (my nickname in this household for those who didn't know. My aunt calls me Nikki. All the other people in the world calls me either Dominique or Do. And if you're a classmate of mine back in primary school, you might've called me Dodo --after the extinct bird Raphus cucullatus--, Dombo --after the character of a children's book by Helen Aberson and Harold Perl. Better known as a Disney character in the same named animation film that was first released on the 23rd of October 1941-- or just Dom --which in Dutch means stupid, but we'll put that aside for now...)

Where were we... oh yes... So my mum called out for my name, and as you do I whispered back "Yes?". "It's very late, you should've gone to sleep by now" (she said to her grown up daughter). So I replied with the whole teeth story and she asks if my sister is still awake (thanks for the caring, mum (jk. She has to put up with this every night and day... poor woman)). My sister's room is beside my parent's, so I popped my head around and saw my sister sleeping with still her lights on. So I thought, being a good citizen and all, that I'll put the light out (think about the environment people). As I said, as I do. However, when entering her room, I notice that her tv is still on. It would've been quite pointless to turn off the lights without turning off the tv. Only I couldn't find the remote controller and had to search for it everywhere until I finally had found it (next to my sister in bed). I push the button, and as the tv goes on black, my sister wakes up and yells at me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??! I WAS WATCHING THAT!!". Well, firstly, I hardly doubt that. Secondly, "You were asleep". 

My sister: No I was not.
Me: Yes you were.
My sister: Did not.
Me: Did so.
My sister: Not.
Me: You were!!

And yet until this day she denies the whole thing. Oh well... she was so asleep.

So yeah, lets get to business, shall we? After this over exciting story.. ahum. Initially I thought I hadn't actually anything to put on the list (except for pyjamas, of course), but my mind beg to differ and I've got some loving to spread on this last day of July...

"It's a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains." 

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith is what it says it is. It's Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, expanded by zombie mayhem. I'm half way through and I really like it. I don't think it's everybodies cup of tea (or cup of brain if you like. ha. ha. ha. Jokes. Funny. Laughter. lol.), but there ought to be a wide audience for it, for it being a New York Times best seller... ya know, proper news paper acknowledgement and stuff...

After having crochetted two blankets within two weeks and some days (we had a heat wave and than a lot of rain whereby our porch and shed were submurged in 5 centimeters high water. Which doesn't sound as much, but boy it is. Our whole street was flooded and we were lucky enough that it hadn't come inside the actual house. A few streets further people could canoe in their street (as the picture in the news paper entrusted us. The news paper, man) and yeah, there was loads of water everywhere, so give me a break, please). I've fianlly picked up my knitting needles and am expecting to finish my jumper (which I'm knitting, duh) at the end of this week or begin next week (if I could only type a bit faster than I could knit some more. The burdens of my life).

Anything Chanel is always loved (although, confession, I ain't no big fan of those high knee sneakers... sorry. But I think that a real fan ought to be the biggest critic). Anyway, I absolutely adore my new lipgloss (Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss #60 Exces). Today I paired it with my Rouge Allure Velvet #38 La Fascinante and put some drops of the lipgloss in the middle. And because the lipgloss is a bit more pinkier (a bit), it turned out really great and lovely. As to be seen in the pictures. Lovely pictures...

Picture explanation: today we did some bits and bobs around the house and my task was to paint the outdoor lamps because they were all rusty. Now I personally love things that look a bit rusty, only the downside is that too rusty means bye bye outdoor lamps (as they'll be gone by the wind). And I don't know if you know what the price tag is some a decent outdoors lamp, but I can tell ya that it atleast will cost you four or five Chanel lipsticks. Per lamp. I know. That's a lot. Also, what do you think of dungarees. I always thought that dungarees were only meant for Alexa Chung to parade in, but I'm really liking the idea of them. And since they are on a down hill on the Fashion must have list, they'll probably will be in sale soon. Otherwise I could also just make a pair. Yes. I could do that. Fun side story: I also had to paint the part of the lamps that are attached to the house (ya know, that part). Only I was a bit too small, so couldn't really see what I was doing. Thus my father grabbed a ladder with two steps for me to stand on. I managed to get on the first step without crying (externally that is. Internally we're not gonna discuss). But I didn't dare to move or even think about holding a brush in one hand and a pot of paint in the other. So I came up with a brilliant idea, once my feet touched the ground again, I'd put on my highest heels (platform heels are the best) and carried on doing my job. #GIRLBOSS

I love magazines. But I love love magazines during autumn and winter. I just think that during that period the editorials are nicer and the clothes look better and I just generally am more of an autumn winter person than a spring summer person. I especially really liked this month's (or actually that of August. But we can't always be a winner) Dutch version of L'officiel. They are doing a great job these past days. I like it. Some personal highlights:

Music wise I've got a little list for y'all. In no particular order:

1. Paloma Faith Trouble With My Baby
2. Badflower Let The Band Play 
3. Tina Turner ♡ Rolling On The River
5. Destiny's Child ♡ Survivor
6. Bon Jovi ♡ You Give Love a Bad Name
7. Jake Bugg ♡ There's a Beast And We All Feed It
8. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown ♡ Don't Come Cheap
9. Hugh Laurie ♡ Junco Partner

Also something video related is a new project by Jacksgap called The Collaboration Project whereby they've asked everyone to send in their message on Skype surrounding the topic "What do you love". And I love how it's ended up. It's all very heart touching and it gave me some goosebumps along the way.

And last but not least, I'd like to leave you with these two words (words being a name. It's all the same. It's all the same).

Endeavour Morse. 

As y'all might know I'm addicted to (British) detective series and now I've finally got the first series of Endeavour on DVD and I love it! It's amazing. The acting is top notch and the scenery... oh my, the scenery. Every moment could be displayed as a piece of art in a museum. It's. Just. Amazing. The story line and how it sort of "explains" or shows those little things you see in the original series. It's just very reassuring yet also very not. I still haven't seen the second series and am not 100% spoiler free anymore, which makes me want to watch even more badly. Also, there's a third season coming our way! I'm so excited! Look at me! I'm excited! Yay!!! 😊😊😊😊😊

What have y'all been loving this month??


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