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Friday, 15 August 2014

Because of the extreme weather *rain rain rain rain* a lot of wasps have been rained away *rain*, allowing mosquitoes and flies to terrorise the neighborhood (fun fact: wasps eat mosquitoes and flies). Now I was about to type about my new haircut and my bravery to wear my Primark pyjamas outdoors and getting complimented for doing so. But noooOOOooooOOOoooo some mosquito decided that my forehead would be the perfect place to sting. Now I'm walking around with a big bump on my head (just above the right brow, a bit to the left and almost centered above my nose). And it's all red and a bit swollen, one might even say puffy. Thanks, mr Mosquito. Thanks a lot. Oh well, that's life I guess... Like lemons and lemonade or something. idk. Probably not like lemons and lemonade. More like burning your mouth on some hot pizza... yes. More like that.

So yeah, lets type about haircuts and pyjamas and the whole shebang. Maybe it'll brighten me up.

Before haircut:

I'm wearing a top from Mart Visser, trousers from Vanilia, shoes from H&M and ring from somewhere... I can't remember

After haircut:

Now I must confess that the "before haircut" pictures were taken on another day. I hadn't bothered to take before pictures because I was too busy waking up (we had an early appointment *yawns*). So, What am I wearing in this picture? As you've guessed some shoes from H&M and also the hat, jacket from Vanilia and pyjamas from Primark. The short pearl necklace I've bought on an antiquities market and the longer pearl necklaces I've bought in an antiquities shop. The bracelet is from Lucardi and my mum thinks I've bought this ring somewhere in Germany some years ago...

I've got my hair shortened by a woman with scissors, who happened to be my hairdresser, so nothing to be alarmed for. These last 2 months or so I'd tried a new shampoo which promised me more volume (as I'm ever looking for killer curls). However, it drained my hair and gave me really bad split ends and no extra volume at all. So that was disapointing. Luckily my lovely hairdresser has recommended me some other shampoo (Andrélon Perfect Curl, if you're curious) and next week, when my mum's got an appointment with her, she'll bring me some special hair tonic from the hairdresser's which smells really nice and does the job right! (I'm currently using L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, but that isn't doing miracles for me. However, I haven't tried it yet before washing my hair (you can use it before washing your hair, before blow drying your hair -I almost never blow dry my hair- or you can use it as a finish... interesting)).

I've gone a bit shorter now (a bit to do with the split ends) and I really like it! It's, I think, a mixture between Alexa Chung, Sophia Amoruso and just the general concept of the popularized term "retro". I've got some tips on how to do my fringe "polished" -if I feel like it- and the rest will just hang around as ever.

My hairdresser cuts hair at her home and she's got a little girl from about 4 years old. The kid just got an ice hockey table (don't ask) and while I was waiting for my sister, she insisted on playing that game. Alright, nothing wrong with that... I thought. she beated me. A 4 year old beated me. And not like -Oh no, I'm not trying my best cuz she's just 4 lol- No. I really really did my best and still she was better than me. So my mum stepped in and asked if she could play. So I let her. She scored right the first time. And after 3 times the kid didn't liked the game anymore and went on her way. Drawing some drawings and shizzle. It was quite fun to watch. In a non-revenge is sweeter than you ever were kind of way mwaahhahahahaaha.

After getting my hair cut I went into town with my mum and dad. I got myself a new, well needed, mascara and a new eyeliner which I'm very excited about. Apparently Alexa Chung also loves that eyeliner, so it must be sort of good because [insert good reason that isn't "because it's Alexa Chung"]... I also got a bag from Bershka. In white. Shockingly. I think I never ever have had a white bag. But change is sometimes good, I guess. To get you ready and fresh for the new season. College season, that is (funny coincidence: the bag is called College-bag. Perfect! *cries out loud* *I don't wanna go bag to college!!!* *sniffing*). I can easily put my journal, notebook and pen, purse, medicines and lipstick with mirror in there! Maybe even some knitting needles with a ball of wool. And maybe if I squeeze everything real tight I can take Jack with me! (I'm pushing my luck, I know). *bag will be futured in the soon following pictures

Always when I go into town, I'll take a look into the Vanilia store. Just because it's all amazing and drool-worthy and yes, I absolutely love the whole vibe of the store and the clothes... don't get me started on their clothes! (which p.s. I don't think really translates through on their site. Just saying).

I made my first steps into the store and got complimented for my hat (nice store, indeed!). I walked around with my mother, drooled over their clothes etc. etc. And just as I was secretely trying out a 297 euros and something cents coat (pricetags are less nice, unfortunately. But that coat, man, what a coat!), one of the employees walks upon us and, again complimented me on my outfit. I never really know what to do when some stranger says these kind of words. So I just stood there stammering, trying to utter something about me and drooling all over their clothes. Smooth. But the truth. So that's alright, I guess. They were all very kind. And the clothes... *drools*

The pictures don't do justice to the beauty of this coat. You know those clothes that when you put them on, they just fit. You don't for example have to fiddle around with them. You put them on and done. It just hugs your body perfectly. This coat is that kind of coat. It hugged me for those few seconds it touched my body. It was amazing. *sigh*

We also got some fabric (with some I mean a lot, naughty us). So future clothes are already in the making. We've got the fabric and all... if only we had the time... AND, for those who are curious, we also got some old cheese. A real show-stopper, I know.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Still wearing some H&M shoes (others, to be clear), blouse from Part Two, trousers are part of a whole men's suit I bought on a market recently. It's like way oversized, but I love it! Maybe I'll take it a bit in so my butt looks also good in it. Beret with hatpin from an antiquity shop (and needs some dusting to be honest, whoops). And last but not least my new College-bag from Bershka.

Today I went, unplanned I must say, to a charity shop and found a most lovely two-piece in pink/black (soon to be futured here on my body). Initially it was about 10 euros, which to be fair isn't a lot of money for this quality. However the (only) downside to charity shops and all is, is that you often can't pay with a debit card or sorts. AND my mum and I hadn't had that much change left (because damn you expensive parking meters!). So we looked at eachother, or better said I looked at my mum, in despair. But then, as if it being a miracle, the woman said that it was now in sale for 50%. Who knew that charity shops had sales?? Thus, as you might've gathered from the first part, I got it! And am very happy with it! Thought it was worth mentioning...

Monday, 18 August 2014

Still haven't dusted my beret... whatever. ;) I'm wearing Primark shoes, H&M high knee socks, my most beloved Vanilia jacket, a two piece consisting out of a top with peplum and skirt made by my mum (I wore this two piece when I met Todd Selby. Only then I was wearing it with dotted tights from the H&M and a faux leather jacket with a fake fur-ish collar from... somewhere I guess. I was sweating like crazy. Like, it was becoming a real problem. But I couldn't take my jacket off! Well, I could, but then Todd wouldn't see my if I may say so myself amazing outfit and wants to be friends with me (because that's the true key to friendship: the way you look. *coughing*)). And to top it all: my Bershka bag (trying to get the most out of it).

It's about a quarter past four and I've been walking around in my pyjamas all afternoon (this not only showing my pyjama love, but also a great reference of how long it takes me to type a blogpost. Although to be honest I've been planning this blogpost long since Friday (didn't even bother to write something for Sunday)... *sigh*). Don't get me wrong, I was all dressed up and ready to go to a fashion show this same morning. Which I didn't, unfortunately. Went to hospital instead. Just a routine appointment. Bit of a let down to be honest.

These past days I've been feeling the blues a bit. Maybe it's because of the extensive rain, maybe it's because of knitting frustrations (those sleeves, man, they're killing me slowly), or thinking out of the box it's because of the new school season that sooner than later is creeping upon us. *sigh* OR it's because of ALL the sorrows in the world. The news dispirits me. Oh well... Maybe I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow with my mum, if the weather lets us. (p.s. Yes. I do everything with my mum. I'm as independent as a slug is towards its house).

And that's all folks!


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