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It's the end of summer. Just to be clear, this means that school starts again (for me literally on the 1st of September, the bastards!). These past days, however, didn't feel like summer anyway. It drizzled until it hurt and it rained until it drizzled. Which hurts. But don't let this all get your spirits down! Here are some things I've been (especially) loving this month. Maybe that'll cheer you (me) up...

Edit: It seems to be that my camera isn't working properly, so I need to go to the doctors with him. That doesn't cheer me up. Made all kinds of lovely pictures. Meh. Luckily we still have the internet full with them...

This month has been very printed word-loving...

A picture of Jerome K. Jerome with a dog.

At the beginning of the month I'd discovered this book by Jerome K. Jerome called Three Men In A Boat (To Say Nothing Of The Dog). I was so in awe of the book that I decided to buy a real copy of it. And for the same money I also got the second story (apparently he'd written another one) in one book! If that ain't a bargain, then I don't know what is!

As I've mentioned once before on this bloggy-blog the Advanced Style book by Ari Seth Cohen is my future goal (note: not to become his book, but to become someone in his book. Although, to be fair, when I reach that age he'll probably will be in there too). The book is like the blog but than in book formation: amazing.

The Best Of: Hema Breiboek (= knitting book). Hema is like the Dutch department store (only now also with stores in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain and England. Which was very weird when I was in Paris and saw a Hema, because that's like one of the most Dutch things you can imagine. And it looked all the same like the Hema here, except for their smoked sausages. There wasn't any! Smoked sausages are a distinct smell in their stores here. No Hema without smoked sausages!). The Hema knitting books were published between 1976-1992 and this is, as stated in the title, the best of. And look who we see there posing with some knitwear? It's Patsy! I love her! Well, you can't really see her as it is, so just look at this lovely picture of her... *sigh*

And, staying patriotic, the Dutch version of Harper's Bazaar just got released and I must say that it's very aesthetically pleasing. There's an interview in there with Paloma Faith which I found very pleasing too. Their editorials look very neat and yeah, I love it. Keep it up team!

Moving on to makeup. This month I've rendered myself into buying two new products -both from Chanel- I've never had before, but now I already can't live witout. Within this short time it's become an essential part of my day-to-day makeup routine. I'm talking about the Le Volume De Chanel mascara in waterproof and the Écriture De Chanel eyeliner pen. Both are in #10 noir (there's nothing more black than Chanel black!). I've used different Chanel mascaras before, but am absolutely in love with this one. It gives you the right volume without cluttering.

I'm very bad at doing my makeup and eyeliner used to be my biggest nightmare (I've got shaky hands). But not anymore! This eyeliner is very easy to apply and stays on until the last minute of your day (sounds a bit grim, but ya know what I mean). For instance: My sister was doing the dishes and thought it'd be funny to throw the excess soap into my face. She startled me very much and not only got I to be perished by stupid soap, I additionally cried for about 10 minutes (not joking) and afterwards all that violence EVERYTHING STILL LOOKED UNTOUCHED! It survived both attacks! If that ain't witchcraft than I don't know what is...

Some time ago I finally bought Hugh Laurie's music on CD. However now I seem to be listening to him 24/7. I listen to it on CD, I listen to it on Spotify and I listen to it on YouTube. I'm dedicated!

Inbetween those 24/7 I've also been listening a lot to the AM album from the Arctic Monkeys on Spotify. I really like it but it. A bit more "slick", but I think still very distinctive. AND I've naturally been listening to Paloma Faith. Those 24/7 are longer than you think! ;)

I've never been a sweets kind of a person, but I've always been a biscuit kind of person (runs in the family, but more about that in a soon coming blogpost... ooooohh! Cliffhanger!). If you follow me on Instagram you probably know what's my favourite biscuit of the moment: Gluten free Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits. These are from Glutafin and are one of the tastiest things you'll ever stumble upon! I also like their regular digestive biscuits, but I mean, the chocolate one is just asdfghjkl;

And last but not least the original television series of Charlie's Angels. These series were shown on ABC from 1976-1981 and I think it's very amusing. And the clothes! Someone talk to me about the clothes! I know that the series sometimes got to be referred to as "jiggle tv" or "T&A tv" (tits and ass television) because of their socalled provocative clothing. Which I find 1] very (woman) degrading and 2] not true! I don't know where they were looking, but I don't see it that way at all! I mean in the episode I'd watched today Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) was wearing cream coloured trousers with turtleneck. Only the turtleneck was mostly covered by this fur-like jumper which was a bit oversized and was perfectly topped off with her wavy hair and I can't find a picture of it on the internet. *sad face* Or Sabrina (Kate Jackson) who wore this vintage navy-like jumper with a same coloured turtleneck with trousers and well basically I love all their outfit choices and I want it all hanging in my wardrobe in 3, 2, 1... *opens eyes* a girl can dream.

And that's it for this month. I'd love to know what you've been loving! *sobs*


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